Welcome to CrossRoads’ Core!


Hello and welcome to CrossRoads’ Core blog! We’re really excited to introduce you to this new blog and explain our new online version of The Crossing and other ministry blogs! We hope it’ll be a great resource to keep you updated and a way for us to share the heart behind the things God is doing here at CrossRoads.

Why the Change?

The print version of The Crossing has been in circulation for seven years, and, while it’s been a great resource, we felt like it was time to update and make the content and process a bit more interactive.



By making The Crossing into an online version and adding some ministry blogs, we have the ability to communicate with you in a variety of ways, and to let you know what’s happening in a more timely manner. We’re happy for the opportunity to bring in some new features, like this blog, and we’re really looking forward to interacting as a church community in new ways!

What’s New?

The Crossing Online: If you subscribe to the online  version of The Crossing, it will come to your email once a month. It will have articles, upcoming events, a calendar and updates from our ministry blogs. If you haven’t yet, make sure to subscribe! You can also find this month’s Crossing on the CrossRoads website and in the texted bulletin.

If you know of people who don’t use Internet, please invite them to go to the Connecting Point at church to sign up to receive a hard copy of The Crossing and latest blog posts each month.

Blogs: We are also excited to introduce our new ministry blogs! We’ve started four new blogs that are dedicated to keeping you updated with events, articles, photos, and more. One thing that we love about blogs is that it allows for you to comment and interact with one another. We look forward to building community in this way.



  • CrossRoads’ Core is where you’re at right now! This blog will contain the content from The Crossing as well as more articles and information related to CrossRoads as a whole. It will be a great place for information about what God is doing in our leadership and the heart of ministry here at CrossRoads.

water header2

  • Connecting @ CrossRoads is your place to learn about upcoming events, small groups, mid-size community groups, and much more. Not only is this a great place to get connected, but it will also be where you can find useful tips if you are a group leader.

fence header

  • The People You Live With is the blog for those who are engaged or married, or parents of infant-pre-k, K-6, and youth. Our family ministries will be regularly updating their blog with events, thoughtful articles, and photos.

road header

  • CrossRoads on Mission is our outreach blog dedicated to both local and global missions. For updates on our missionaries, our short-term missions trips, and the way we’re connecting with those in Red Deer and Central Alberta, stay updated with this blog!

We’re so happy you’re here to hang out with us! Check back often to see what is new, or choose to follow the blog at the bottom of the page to get an email when we update the blog with a new post.

What do you think of our new blogs? Leave us a comment and let us know!


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