Youth Wing Opening Soon!

Getting Ready for the New Youth Wing

The crew has been hard at work on the new youth wing, and we’re so excited to start doing ministry in our new space very soon!


The space has come a long way, and what started as a blueprint is almost a reality. Much more than the added space, we’re excited for the added ministry opportunities for our youth, young adults, and worship ministry. Here are some of the exciting things that will be filling up our new space this fall:


Crosswalk (Wednesday night Sr. High) and Wired (Thursday night Jr. High): will continue as our regular youth group nights. We love getting to focus on helping teens live Godly lives and providing a place for them to feel loved by God. We’re excited about possible growth in our added space!

Drop-In Night: Saturday night will be a drop-in night in the youth wing for grades 7-12. All teens who are part of our youth group or not will be welcome to come hang out and enjoy some of the fun areas of our new space (climbing wall, anyone?!).

Affinity Groups: We’re excited for Sunday afternoons in the new youth wing! Teens will be invited to come participate in an activity they’re interested in, while learning from and being cared for by leaders who have so much to offer. Teens can come participate in groups related to art, cooking, basketball, mechanics and so much more!

We’re also excited for opportunities for parent nights, offering our space to outside groups like Boys and Girls Club, and continuing to see God work through the lives of youth in Central Alberta.

Young Adults

We’re most excited for our new space to offer a place of connecting for young adults in Central Alberta. We are encouraging young adults to attend our 6:30 Sunday service as a connecting point. After the 6:30 service, we play volleyball together and will use the new youth wing space for many more connecting events.


We’re really excited for our expanded worship space for our worship teams, our church family, and the community. We are going to have a worship and prayer room that will be available to anyone whenever the church is open. It will be a place for people to spend time before the Lord in prayer. We will have a prayer wall for people’s requests, and at times we will have live worship.

We’re also excited for our new recording studio. This will be a great place for our worship team to pump out songs that our congregation will sing, and eventually we’d love to offer our recording space to people in our community as well. Our expanded worship space will allow for some awesome things we’ve never been able to do before, and we are excited for new chances for creativity, community-building. Most importantly, this space will be full of worship and we pray that it will be used to advance the kingdom of God.

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