Building Offering October 26

Last Sunday, we celebrated the grand opening of our new wing. It was an awesome day, and we were so grateful to celebrate with all of you as we toured the building and learned about all our youth, young adults, and worship ministry will be doing with the new space. We can’t wait for all the new opportunities this space offers — especially the chance to reach out to the community and invite the youth in our area to come spend time in a safe place where they can learn about Jesus and His love.

This summer we were so excited to announce that our Phase 2 building expansion (the children’s wing) was completely paid off thanks to the generous support of our CrossRoads family! We’re so grateful that any building funds that we receive from now on can go directly toward paying off Phase 3 (the new youth centre)! Our projected mortgage for Phase 3 is about $4.3 million.

On October 26 we will be having an offering for the building fund. Please be praying about what God would have you give — ask Him to be your guide in this!

building offering

Please use the green offering envelopes found in the pews at church or give online!

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