Special Memories — Operation Christmas Child

By Peggy Kingcott, OCC Volunteer

One Sunday morning this past summer, I met a couple who told me that their adopted daughter got a shoebox when she was a child in a Russian orphanage. That got me excited to hear more. This fall I contacted her to meet on a Sunday at CrossRoads. She lives in Rocky Mountain House with her husband and baby girl, and she comes to CrossRoads. We talked for awhile and I want to share some of her memories of getting her 1st box.

Katrina was 8 years old when some missionaries came to the orphanage. This is what she shared:

“We sang songs, heard about God and got a box. I looked around and saw regular shoeboxes, boxes wrapped in pretty paper, and some with planes on them. I felt overwhelmed and excited to see what was inside. The candy was my favorite. We would trade our items with each other. There were pictures and letters. Some of the missionaries would read it for us. I knew someone in the United States cared for me. We would walk around and show our friends pictures. The box never disappointed with all the things in it. I got chalk, so I made the game on the pavement where you jump. There was a toothbrush that I used for cleaning because I was not sure what it was for. Now I pack boxes and remember to put socks and underwear as these are things that are not always available to the children.”


It was so good to hear Katrina’s story. We don’t know if the boxes were from Operation Christmas Child, but we know the boxes impacted the children.

CrossRoads Operation Christmas Child runs Oct. 19 to Nov. 16. Boxes and Brochures will be available at the OCC table in the foyer.

Info :  www.samaritanspurse.ca/operation-christmas-child

Locally call Peggy at 403 342-1227, or email Karla at kdrosenkranz@hotmail.com

Also, please join our Facebook group Operation Christmas Child –Central Alberta.

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