Welcome Pastor Ken Lehman!

We’re really excited to have Pastor Ken Lehman back with us here at CrossRoads!

Ken L

Pastor Ken is now serving as the Associate Pastor of Hope Ministries, working alongside of Pastor Stu. He is helping give oversite to our pastoral care and all of the other things that Hope Ministries is known for here at CrossRoads. Pastor Ken spends a lot of his time here doing one-on-one counseling, hospital visits, home visits and crisis counseling. He is also leading our Sunday prayer team, so you will often see him up front after a service on Sundays, wearing a red lanyard and praying with people.

Of course, Pastor Ken isn’t new to CrossRoads! He has served our church in many ways over the years. In 1981 he started in Oriole Park as assistant pastor with Willard Swalm and then continued with Glenn Fretz. He oversaw worship and worked extensively with small groups. He came back in 1993 to work full-time with youth ministry.

Most recently, Pastor Ken was the program director at River’s Edge Camp, and was able to spend a lot of time pastoring the staff there. He is excited to be back at CrossRoads with the opportunity to care for our congregation through counseling and prayer.

Pastor Ken and his wife Neila are in their 40th year of marriage and they have three children and nine grandchildren, all of whom attend CrossRoads and serve in different ministries here! Pastor Ken enjoys long distance running (he has (wisely?!) switched from marathons to half-marathons). You can see him at the Woody’s half marathon in Red Deer in the spring and Melissa’s in the fall! He and his family love to spend time outdoors, and since working in camping ministry, Pastor Ken has taken up archery!

Make sure to take a moment to welcome Pastor Ken back to work here at CrossRoads when you see him on a Sunday!

2 Comments on “Welcome Pastor Ken Lehman!

  1. Welcome back Ken & Neila!! So happy that you’re ‘officially’ part of Crossroads again… where you belong πŸ™‚

    Love & Blessings to both of you… Joyce D.

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