Final Prep and the Gala: Day 3 in Haiti

Just a quick update tonight because we are exhausted after a strenuous work day. Today it was ‘all hands on deck’ as we made the final preparations for tomorrow’s grand opening ceremony. Someone suggested that it is just like when you have visitors come to your house, you tend to clean and put up the pictures. This is what is happening at Haiti Arise!

From early this morning the place was buzzing with activity and many workers doing tons of different jobs. Every time I walked anywhere in the compound today I saw new additions- ballons, streamers, flowers and new shrubs, piles of gravel and rocks to be spread, the main road was being worked on, new signs being put up, new lights and electrical wiring, new paths laid, ….. I could go on and on with all the many jobs being done and must add that everyone is working hard. One of our guys was down tonight from heat exhaustion so your continued prayers for health and protection are needed.

Charlene and I put in a solid days’ work. We both helped move chairs around and did some weeding but the biggest part of our day was shovelling, raking and carrying rocks and pebbles to create, fill and line path ways and parking lots. I can pretty much guarantee we will be sore tomorrow!

We have just come from the Gala, the prelude to the Opening. Well over 500 people showed up for this special event tonight which boasted Haiti’s best known comedien. There were a few speeches, beautiful time of worship, skits and then the main act. The evening was mostly in Creole so for many of us visitors the best part was watching the Haitians enjoying the entertainment.

The stage is now set for tomorrow’s Grand Opening which starts at 10 am. We expect this to be a very formal event with many dignitaries. Also a caterer is preparing the food which should be delicious. All in all it is looking to be another great day tomorrow.



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