Great Expectations: Haiti Grand Re-Opening

I love Isaiah 61 and the imagery of beauty from ashes and the rebuilding and restoration of ‘places long devastated’. In a few days many people from all around Haiti, the US and Canada and perhaps other neighboring countries will converge on the Haiti Arise property to begin our formal celebration and thanksgiving for what God has done. He is rebuilding something that was devastated.

In 2009 Cross Roads’ Global Compassion Campaign embarked on a formal partnership with Haiti Arise. Inspired by their vision for transformation and commitment to their community of Grand Goave. Our first endeavor together was to expand the newly built technical school so it could accommodate it’s growing enrollment. Things were moving well and everything was in place. Weeks later the 2010 earthquake hit and destroyed the existing school. Devastating. Perhaps demobilizing.

Not for the leaders of Haiti Arise. They are resilient and full of hope and great vision! They refused to let this tragedy keep them from completing the task they knew God had given them. To build a school to provide excellence in education and skills training to lift up the technical capacity of Hatians.

So, directly following the earthquake around a year was spent responding directly to the relief efforts in their community. Then in 2011 together with CrossRoads as a major force behind them, they began rebuilding the Technical and Professional School and Bible College and this time bigger and stronger than before.

Last September the school started taking its first students again and slowly more and more classes have begun. Currently 480 students are being equipped in construction, tiling, plumbing, electricity, computers, ESL, window technique as well as Bible and Theology. Also, this fall the shop classes have just opened allowing for the additional courses of carpentry, mechanics and welding.

This brings us to next week – November 11-13th there will be a multi- day celebration to include a graduation ceremony for previous students, vision casting, tours and a final gala to commemorate the Grand Opening where we will give thanks to God and the partners He used to accomplish this great task. It will be a wonderful time of fellowship and celebration. I am honored to go, along with Charlene Young of the GCC, to represent CrossRoads Church and the GCC.

Please keep us, the other guests and the faithful servants at Haiti Arise in your prayers as we all travel and meet over the next week. May God’s name be glorified!


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