Ministry Tours, Beach and Church: Day 2 in Haiti

Today was as great day! It began with a beautiful cool morning. I went on the roof and enjoyed the light breeze, birds chirping, random animal sounds and voices below. Stunning! After breakfast a large group of us headed out for a tour of the Haiti Arise ministries. We started with the main campus with the primary school, then the new Technical School which included the newest buildings which are 3 shop classrooms. We then headed to the church and the clinic. Each and every one of these was well maintained and well stocked and in prime condition for the upcoming Grand Opening.

Here is Charlene and I in one of the finished classrooms in the Technical School

We then headed across the street to the Children’s Village, then through the village to the Goat Farm. At the end of the tour we felt privileged to be able to witness such amazing work and transformation.


man at beach

We met Paul at the beach- his face had a ton of character

After lunch we were given the opportunity to go to the beach. Many of us walked the 30 minutes through the village to the beach and had a swim and a few bites of fresh caught and cooked lobster. Charlene decided to stay back and get put to work. One of her major tasks was moving chairs for tomorrow night’s Gala. She is a true servant and ready to work in any way needed!

new wall mural

The entire Haiti Arise compound is being beautified- here is the newest of the murals in preparation for the Grand Opening

The atmosphere around here is amazing. Everything is looking beautiful! In prep for the opening there have been many flowers, plants, paintings being added along with significant cleaning, repairs, etc.

This evening we went to church where the night was spent praying and preparing before the Lord for the next couple of days’ events. We all pray that everything will come together as planned and more than anything that God’s presence will be felt during the special events.
Here is what is coming up the next few days:
Wednesday 12th- Gala night! Entertainment presented by a well-known Haitian comedian Ton-ton Bicha translated as ‘Uncle Bishop’, a great gospel choir, rumors of a dance party!

Thursday 13th- Official Grand Opening Ceremony at 10am with multiple government dignitaries and local officials, reception to follow with many speeches (including Pastor Tracy) and official activities.

Please join us as we pray!

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