How Can We Be Confident Jesus Is the Only Truth?

Compared to the days of old when it seemed everyone belonged to the Christian faith, now more than ever we are exposed to and challenged with varying perspectives on faith, belief and ways of thinking and living.

Our media, institutions and workplaces as well as our mixed families, diverse community, societal systems and culture confronts us with a myriad of beliefs and perspectives which range in complexity, many of whose foundations stem from religious underpinnings. The number of competing ideals and various pathways to walk continue to increase, as does society’s push to blindly accept all these options.

We live in a pluralistic, multicultural world in which a thousand different belief systems and religions jostle for our attention, all claiming that they have “the truth.” What is the truth? Even atheists are starting churches. Given this huge range of choices at the religious buffet, aren’t Christians simply arrogant and narrow-minded for claiming that Jesus is the only way? What’s so special about Jesus that we should give Him a second look? How can Christians truly know their truth in Jesus within this cultural context of religions, and confidently share their truth to others around them?

Even within an era of post-modernism where truth is conceived as relative to whomever, Jesus’ Truth remains constant. As believers we need to be equipped to respond to the claim that there are other truths apart from Jesus. As compassionate Christ-followers seeking to give everyone in Central Alberta an opportunity to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, we need to invite others into this conversation.

On February 20th, you are invited to come hear Dr. Andy Bannister from Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) speak on ‘A Thousand Different Religions: So What’s So Special About Jesus?’ Come find out how we can be confident that Jesus’ Truth stands the challenge of all other claims. This event is perfect to invite those people in your life who may not know if Jesus is the Truth.

All are welcome! Friday, February 20th, 7pm in the CrossRoads sanctuary RZIM’s Andy Bannister speaks on A Thousand Different Religions: So What’s So Special About Jesus?

andy_oxford_01-282x300Dr. Andy Bannister is the Director and Lead Apologist for RZIM Canada. He speaks and teaches regularly throughout Canada, the USA, Europe and the wider world. From churches to universities, business forums to TV and radio, Andy regularly addresses audience of both Christians and those of all faiths and none on issues relating to faith, culture, politics and society.

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