Toonie Talk: Youth Ministry

We’re spending some time this year looking at the finances at CrossRoads and seeing how the toonies get budgeted and distributed here at the church. Last month we looked at our general church operations budget—staff salaries and benefits, event expenses, professional fees, building maintenance, utilities, etc. This month we’re going to spend some time looking at our budgets for youth.

Phase 3 Construction

Since we just opened the new youth centre in October 2014, we’ll give a quick update on that Phase 3 project and where we’re at with our mortgage. We began construction of the youth centre in the fall of 2013. We knew we needed a place for our youth to expand, and we wanted to be able to offer a significant resource for young people in our Central Alberta community as well.

The total cost for the construction of Phase 3 of our building (which includes the youth centre, worship area, and some new facilities areas) was $5,912,622. We have building offerings twice a year in October and May to help pay down our mortgage, and because of your generous giving, our total mortgage currently sits at $3,734,940. Because so much of the new wing is focused on the youth, we thought we’d take some time this month to explore the youth budget.

Senior High

This fiscal year (August 1-July 31), our senior high has expected expenses of $75,200. This includes supplies, training for leaders, missions and a variety of activities that the youth will do throughout the year. Some of this expense will be covered by students themselves as they pay for some of the cost of attending events or going on a mission trip. Whatever is not covered by income to senior high will be subsidized by the church. For the 2014/2015 fiscal year, we expect to pay a little more than $24,000 out of our church fund subsidy to cover the senior high expenses.

Jordan Cavanaugh, our senior high pastor, invests a chunk of his budget to training and developing the youth leaders that work alongside him. These leaders work with our youth and provide lots of mentorship and wisdom to our teens. Pastor Jordan meets with the leaders each week before youth group, and they will be going on a retreat in Calgary in March for some training.

Senior high also spends money on missions. This year we’re investing in a week-long summer camp at Rivers Edge. This will be CrossRoads hosted, and part of the budget will go to subsidizing the cost for kids who don’t yet know Jesus to be able to come to camp.

Our senior high Crosswalk meets on Wednesday evenings. With the new youth wing, we have a few more teens coming, and average between 90-100 youth on a Wednesday night. Part of the budget goes to providing snacks for our hungry teens, activity costs, etc. And because not all of our teens drive yet, part of our youth budget gets spent simply on transportation. For example, the senior high youth went to West Ed Mall in January, and it cost about $1,000 for the bus and driver to get to Edmonton and back.

Junior High

Robert Mudde is our junior high pastor, and he and his team have expected expenses of $32,472 this year. Again, some of the expenses will be offset by income from students, which we estimate will be around $16,700. This would mean our general church fund subsidy would pitch in $15,772 for junior high ministry this year.

Junior high budgets very similarly to senior high—supplies, leadership training and activities. They usually have about 100 teens for youth weekly, and they do a great retreat that bond the junior highers each fall. They also invest in leader training, and their leaders will also be going to a conference this month. Our junior high ministry really emphasizes relationships and community, and their activities—whether games at the church, laser tag, or trips to West Ed Mall—focus on helping students know that they have a place to belong.

New Associate Youth Pastor

The youth program is also excited to welcome James Choi as our new associate youth pastor! He is starting with us at CrossRoads this month, and will be a great addition to the team as he’ll be primarily responsible for our youth drop-in night, our Sunday affinity groups, and junior high Echo on Sunday mornings. He’ll also be speaking on a rotating basis between junior and senior high youth.

The addition of James doesn’t add to our youth ministry costs—his salary comes out of our general church operations, which we discussed a bit last month. We’re excited to have him on the team—to get to know more about him (and to see a picture of his lovely family!) read this post!

Thanks Again!

We’ve had some amazing things going on in our youth ministry this year. Thank you for your continued support of our church through your generous giving. As we’ve added the new youth centre, we’ve been opened up to some incredible opportunities, not only for our CrossRoads youth, but for young people in our Central Alberta community. So thank you for giving as God calls you!


Financial Update

Fiscal Year: August 2014- July 2015

Total Budget for the fiscal year:  5,459,000

Budget to the end of January: 2,854,500

Actual Income to the end of January: 2,679,636

Income Shortfall: 174,864

Building Mortgage: 3,734,940


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