No Other Name Week 6: Healing the Blind Man

Pastor Dan’s sermon, “Healing the Blind Man” is available to watch or listen to right here.


As I write these sermon posts, I always think about what stood out to me the most when listening to the message. This week what stuck with me is: God’s works in our lives.

When Jesus was asked whose sin had caused this man to be born blind, his own or his parents’, Jesus responded by saying, “Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him.”

The works of God might be displayed in him. It’s fascinating to me — God knew that this man would be blind. He knew that one day Jesus would run into him. And he knew that through this miraculous healing, God’s power would be displayed, the disciples would begin to understand more about Jesus, the topic of spiritual blindness would be addressed with religious leaders, and this story would make it into Scripture to forever remind us of God’s great power and our need for Him to open our eyes to the light. Wow.

6-healing the blind man

I don’t know if it is a comfort to you, but it is to me. There are many situations in life that we don’t always understand. Many things that are painful and difficult and sorrowful. The reality is that because of sin, things are broken and in need of redemption. We all suffer under the weight of what has gone wrong. But what is comforting to me is that God doesn’t see the broken and just give up. He takes what has been ruined and uses it to show us His grace, mercy and power. He turns ashes into beauty. What darkness intends for evil, God turns into good.

I think of Kara Tippetts — a Christian woman in Colorado who is currently dying of cancer. She is very near to the end of her life — likely just a few weeks left. Her husband is a pastor in Colorado Springs, and they have four young children. The situation in their lives is very dire. But Kara has recognized God’s work being displayed in her life right now. She writes often on her blog, Mundane Faithfulness, and has written books in the midst of this struggle. She has expressed such beauty and grace and gratefulness as she goes through this process. And because of this, thousands of people are hearing about Jesus; they are reading her story and seeing the way she has dealt with this cancer, and they are being reminded of who God is. God is displaying His might in these last days of Kara’s life. We may never know the reason for our suffering or why certain things have been allowed in our lives. And whether we know or not, it may not make the suffering easier. But what is beautiful is that Jesus sees us when we are hurting. He sympathizes with us. And sometimes He takes what has been painful or hurtful and uses it to display His mighty works.

The man born blind responded to Jesus. As Pastor Dan pointed out, He was obedient. He trusted Jesus with his situation. Where he had been hopeless, God gave him hope.

So, these are the questions running through my head this Monday. Maybe we can ponder them together this week:

* What situation in my life can be used to display the mighty works of God?

* How can I respond to God — in every situation — with obedience?

* Where am I spiritually blind? Jesus, help me to walk in the light with You!

Ask God for His wisdom, and He will reveal His answers to you. And if He asks you to respond, obey! Repent, believe, be baptized! He can take our ashes and make them into something incredibly beautiful.

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