Toonie Talk: Hope Ministries and Worship Arts Ministries

by Denise Snyder

So we’ve been discussing the fascinating world of church budgets the past few months! We’re glad for the chance to share with you how we use the tithes and offerings you so generously contribute to what God is doing at CrossRoads, in Central Alberta, and around the world! This month we’re going to explore the budgets for our Hope Ministries and Worship Arts Ministries.

Hope Ministries

Hope Ministries at CrossRoads Church is staffed by Pastor Stu Krogman, Pastor Ken Lehman, and assistant Pam Halvorson. Hope Ministries does some amazing things to serve our church community—they provide the prayer team that is at the front of the sanctuary each Sunday, they do pastoral counseling and hospital visits, and they offer the GriefShare and Celebrate Recovery programs. They are busy serving and loving our community, both within and outside of CrossRoads!

The total budget for Hope Ministries for the 2014/2015 fiscal year is $110,100. However, some of that money is contributed to the ministry through offerings, plus revenue is generated from meals and resource materials. So, the general church fund subsidy is only expected to pitch in $65,200 of that cost this year.

One of the biggest budget items for Hope Ministries is Celebrate Recovery (CR). CR meets every Friday to fellowship and celebrate God’s healing power from hurts, habits and hang ups. Celebrate Recovery dedicates money to leadership training, resource materials, and ministry supplies and administration. The biggest chunk of CR’s budget goes to helping with the costs of the meals that participants eat together every week.

Hope Ministries also invests deeply in compassion and community support. We have a yearly budget of $37,600 which is distributed monthly to eight social organizations in Central Alberta. Specifically for those who approach the church for help, the ministry provides food, gas and other items or ways to assist when responding to these needs.

We’re so thankful for what Hope Ministries does to minister to our congregation, support people through difficulties, and rejoice with those whose chains God is breaking!

Worship Arts Ministries

We all know that our worship teams lead us in praising our King every week. But they do lots more than that throughout the week, including praise and worship for Celebrate Recovery every Friday! Our worship ministries also spends time weekly in all three main services on Sundays and in all three Sunday services for CrossRoads Kids. Twice a month, the worship teams help out at senior high Crosswalk and junior high Wired. And sporadically, our worship ministries provides music for funerals, Thrive (one of our mid-sized community groups), Alpha, CrossRoads family events, retreats, staff prayer times, and our annual general meetings. And that’s not even counting practice time or the Thursday night gatherings for everyone who helps with worship and tech. Overall, we have more than 100 musicians who serve regularly and 30-35 techs!

The total budget for Worship Arts this year is $35,200. We’ve set aside $4,000 of that for ministry supplies—new music equipment, mics, cords, etc. Worship ministries also has a budget for leadership training—this is a chance for Pastor Dallas to spend some time investing in his team. They’ve gone to conferences like Breakforth, and last fall a team contributed time and resources to go to New York to participate in a Hillsong worship conference.

Another chunk of the worship arts ministries is set aside for worship guest honorarium/travel and worship special services. These dollars contribute to special events like when Paul Baloche came for a Christmas concert or when Tim Neufeld and the Glory Boys led us in worship during a week of our Sunday services last summer. Most of the rest of the budget goes toward technical training, buying music and other media items, and this year some budget to furnish their space in our new wing.

Our worship arts ministries stays busy leading people in worship throughout the year. We are grateful for them!

Grateful for You Too!

It’s clear that we couldn’t do any of what we do here at CrossRoads without your support. So again, thank you for giving so generously of your funds to contribute to everything going on here. Because of you, Hope Ministries is able to truly offer the love, hope and peace of God, and our worship ministries can grow in skills as they lead us in worship of our Lord. Thank you so much!

Financial Update –

Fiscal Year: August 2014- July 2015

Total Budget for the fiscal year:  5,459,000

Budget to the end of February: 3,288,583

Actual Income to the end of February: 2,999,710

Income Shortfall: 288,873

Building Mortgage: 3,720,304

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