Toonie Talk: Missions and Outreach Ministries

by Denise Snyder

For the past few months we’ve been chatting about all of our different departments at CrossRoads and how they use their budgets for ministry. Why stop when we’re on a roll?

Building Fund Update

We’ve been so grateful to have a church family who gives generously to our building projects as we grow to accommodate everyone here! As we mentioned before, Phase 2 (which included the children’s wing) was paid off last year, thanks to the amazing giving of our church family! We’ve been able to jump right in to paying off Phase 3 (new youth wing and worship area), which is amazing! Right now our building mortgage sits at just over $3,700,000. Twice a year in October and May, we do a building fund offering to continue to pay down that mortgage. This spring, that special offering will be on Sunday, May 24. Please be praying during this next month about what God might have you give as we continue to chip away at this mortgage!

building offering May 2015

Supporting Missions

This month we want to explore a bit of our missions budget and the funds that go toward supporting missions worldwide. We have three separate areas within our missions department – our Mission Mobilization Team (MMT), our Global Compassion Campaign (GCC), which we often hear about around Christmas and the newest member, our Local Initiatives. We’ll learn more about the GCC and Local Initiatives later this year, but this month we’re going to focus in on the work of the MMT.

For this fiscal year, missions and outreach ministries has a budget of $415,000. The majority of this budget gets funded through giving. Giving to missions is always an option though our giving envelopes in the pews or giving at the Compass. Short-term outreach teams also fundraise for their outreaches, which contributes to the budget. Because of the generous giving of our congregation, the general church fund is only projected to pitch in $82,000 of that budget this year.

The biggest chunk of the missions budget goes to supporting the 35 long-term missionary units we support locally and around the world. Our long-term missionaries are serving for at least 2 years, and they minister in 17 countries including the Philippines, Mexico, Ghana, Romania and here in Canada. You can see all the missionaries we support by visiting our Missionaries page on the CrossRoads website or visiting the Missions Kiosk in the foyer.

Though we provide financial support for the missionaries, we try our best to support them spiritually and emotionally as well. A major part of the missions budget goes to missionary member care—providing support, encouragement and teaching to all of our missionaries. We are able to provide quarterly packets to each missionary and also offer counseling and coaching when needed. This year, our European based missionaries have been invited to a European retreat in November for a time of refreshing and connecting. Pastor Dan, our missions staff and some MMT members will go to encourage and support the missionaries. We feel this is an important investment in increasing the health and longevity of our missionaries who are tirelessly serving God and people!


Another portion of the budget goes to funding missions projects. Sometimes our missionaries inform us of special projects that need to be completed in their mission field, and this budget line helps us fund those. The monies in our relief and development line allows us to respond on behalf of CrossRoads when disasters happen and also goes to help fund organizations like First Steps, a non-profit working in North Korea to give more than 100,000 kids a day a nutritious cup of soy milk.

We also support some short-term missionaries from our church who are doing missions work through organizations such as Youth With A Mission. Additionally from this line comes $200 for each short term team member going on an outreach with CrossRoads. For example the team going to Rwanda this June or the Jr. High missions trip to Los Angeles this coming July.

Continue to Give and Pray

Our missions staff and our Missions Mobilization Team (MMT) work to help our church support our missionaries and prioritize our missions work locally and globally. We use our funds to pour into those who have gone out from among us to share the good news of Jesus and make disciples in His name. Please be praying for our missionaries and the work they do. You can pick up the latest monthly missionary prayer letter or individual missionary cards at the Missions Kiosk in the foyer any time!

Thank you for giving to our church to help support missions both here and around the world. We couldn’t do it without you!

Financial Update –

Fiscal Year: August 2014- July 2015

Total Budget for the fiscal year:  5,459,000

Budget to the end of March: 3,722,667

Actual Income to the end of March: 3,397,142

Income Shortfall: 325,525

Building Mortgage: 3,713,956

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