Broken Together: The Right One

Pastor Dan’s sermon, “The Right One” in the Broken Together series is available to watch or listen to right here!


In this week’s sermon, we looked at Genesis 24, the story of Isaac and Rebekah. Abraham wanted a wife for his son, Isaac, but he wasn’t willing to let him marry a woman from Canaan, the land where they were living. As we see all throughout the Bible, the Canaanites worship numerous false gods and live in ways that are not pleasing to God. In fact, later in the Bible, when all the Israelites move into the Canaanite land, the Israelites are constantly being swayed in their beliefs. Abraham knew this, which is why he wants his servant to go find a wife for Isaac from his own people.

Pastor Dan talked about arranged marriages, which we see sometimes in the Bible, and really all throughout the ancient world. Some marriages are still arranged in some parts of the world today. It is interesting, like Pastor Dan mentioned, that the way we date today is actually a pretty recent phenomenon. We have much less family involvement than most people used to. And as the world of online dating has opened up, getting to know someone takes on a whole new level. Pastor Dan gave some great suggestions for online dating, which I’ll repeat here:

1. Be careful — don’t believe everything people put on their profiles.

2. Be realistic — you’re getting in a relationship with a real person.

3. Be honest — don’t tell them you’re 25 if you’re 55.

4. Don’t be sexual — be wise about what you say and what photos you post.

5. If you’re meeting someone, meet for the  first time in an unromantic place so you can get to know their character.

6. Date one person at a time.

7. Verify important information.

These are all great and helpful tips! You can also find a lot of wise resources about online dating over at, a Focus on the Family website for singles.

Also, remember to check out the books on marriage that Pastor Dan mentioned last week!

This sermon gave us a lot to ponder. Abraham was very intentional about getting a noble wife for Isaac, which should be explored. We talked about the importance of making the decision about whom to marry — it is a decision that God wants us to get right the first time. Because of that, it is wise to seek the counsel of family and friends. It makes sense to approach dating/courting as a way to get to know someone’s character and see where their relationship with God is at.

So, what are your thoughts? Do you think it’s important to have input from friends and family? What have been your experiences (if any) with online dating? How should we approach this big decision about marriage?

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