Join Us for the Community Bible Experience!

Have you ever tried to read the Bible and just not gotten very far? Well, get excited because this summer we’re going to change your experience with the Bible forever! Here at CrossRoads, we’ll be doing the Community Bible Experience, a way for us read the Bible like the amazing story it is.

As a church family this summer, we will read big, read real, and read together. Biblica has provided us with the Books of the Bible for free! This NIV version has no chapter or verse numbers, no cross references, and no extra columns — it allows us to read the Bible like the beautiful, big story that it is.

We will begin reading together the week of June 28, and in eight weeks we’ll have read the entire New Testament in a way you’ve never experienced before. We are so excited to get to go through God’s Word together!

One of the most important aspects of this journey is to experience it in community. Each week, we will get together — either with family or friends or in a small group — and discuss what we’ve been learning. Think about it less like a Bible study and more like a book club. We’ll talk about what we’ve noticed, any questions we have, and what we’re learning about loving God and others.


To join the Community Bible Experience, visit the Groups page on the CrossRoads website. From there, you can join one of the groups already created. If you want your group to simply be your family or a friend or two, join the Family and Friends group, and decide when you’ll read and discuss together. We also have groups meeting around Red Deer and the surrounding areas. Or, if you know you’ll be in and out this summer, feel free to join Pastor Denise’s drop-in group on Wednesday nights at the church — just come whenever you can make it!

Once you’ve joined the Community Bible Experience, you can pick up a Bible along with a reading plan from the church any Sunday in June. You’ll have access to some great online resources including an audio version of the Bible, a kids’ audio version, videos and more.

We’re so excited to do the Community Bible Experience this summer. Let’s get swept up in God’s big story together!

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