Broken Together: Till Death Do Us Part

Listen to Pastor Dan’s last message in the Broken Together series, “Till Death Do Us Part,” right here.


Pastor Dan finished up the marriage series yesterday by focusing in on Abraham and Sarah — a couple who lasted and loved one another until the very end. Although their marriages had its downs — infertility, trouble with other men, big moves — it also had its beautiful times; just think of what it was like for Abraham and Sarah as a couple when they had a son at such an old age!

People in Bibles times understood the concept of covenant. Pastor Dan walked us through the covenant ceremony that happens between God and Abraham in Genesis 15. It’s a weird event in our minds. Abraham cuts up a bunch of animals, and then God appears as a smoking firepot and blazing torch and passes through the animals, essentially telling Abraham that if He does not keep His promise, He will wind up like these animals. It’s an amazing ceremony and one that shows us just how committed God is to His covenant promises.

How humbling and amazing, then, that we all enter into a covenant of marriage. We makes promises to one another and, in the language of covenant, we bond ourselves to one another and those promises. It is only through God’s strength that we can do this at all.

I loved how Pastor Dan reminded us of the gospel as we talked about marriage. Christ came to take on the burden for our sin and sacrifice Himself in our place. And because He has done this for us, we can begin to do it for others. What we have received vertically from God, we can pass on horizontally to others. It is challenging and convicting, but oh so good!

I was also struck by the reminder to remain thankful. I tend to think about all the things that aren’t going right each day or that I’m not grateful for. But what if I approach each day in thankfulness — to the Lord for His salvation, love, compassion and patience … to Him for my husband and provision … to Him for my job and home. And if there’s nothing in your life that you feel grateful for right now, remember that Jesus loves you. He died for you. He invites you to know Him. Thank Him for that today!

So, we’ll move on from our marriage series, but we have lots to think about when it comes to our relationships with the Lord and with one another. What are you taking away from this marriage series?

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