Toonie Talk: Family and Children’s Ministries

On to our next installment of Toonie Talk – a chance for us to delve into the world of kids and family and see how our ministries use their budgets to help our families thrive!

Family Ministries

Our Family Ministries here at CrossRoads encompasses engagement, marriage and kids. The Family Ministries budget mostly focuses in on engagement and marriage, because our kids’ programs are big and require their own budgets! This year in Family Ministries there is an estimated budget of $34,300 with the church subsidizing about $18,200 of that. A lot of those expenses get refunded by people who participate in our engagement and marriage courses. Most people who participate pay for part of their weekend or course, and then the church pitches in to subsidize extra costs. We invest in our Marriage Course which runs a few times a year and offers couples the chance to have dinner together and go through a curriculum. We also have the Preparing for Marriage course, which helps engaged couples get ready for the wedding and beyond. Look for both courses to launch again in the fall.

We also offer two weekends away, one for engaged couples and one for married couples. These are amazing chances for couples to join with others, learn, and have a great weekend together. We charge for these events, but at a great rate so any couple can participate. Family Ministries then uses some of their budget money to subsidize the extra costs.

Early Childhood Ministries

We literally have hundreds of little ones from newborns to age 5, joining us in our downstairs early childhood area every Sunday! That makes for lots of opportunities to teach these ones about Jesus’ amazing love, right from the beginning! The Early Childhood budget for this fiscal year is $17,700. The majority of this budget goes to providing for everything that’s needed on Sunday mornings. Whenever you visit those downstairs rooms and see all of the toys, crafts, Kleenexes, wipes, movies, puppets, etc. it comes from the Early Childhood Church budget. This also pays for the curriculum that they use to teach the little ones about Jesus.

Early Childhood also has a budget set aside for activities for the little ones and their families. This includes things like our Daddy Daughter Date Night, Sock Wars, New Mom Meet & Greets and our upcoming summer Family Fun Days!

Children’s Ministries

Our Children’s Ministries focus on our CrossRoads Kids—kindergarten through grade 6. Their budget is $33,150 for the fiscal year, and they spend it very similarly to Early Childhood Ministries. Jaqi, our Children’s Ministry Assistant, buys all the supplies needed for the kids’ crafts, projects, occasional snacks, lesson props, etc. Once a month, Jaqi has a great team of people who come in to help serve by preparing all of the curriculum items for the month. The Children’s Ministries budget also goes to buying the Tru curriculum that they use. Part of Tru is having a time for the kids to remember and celebrate what God has been teaching them every six weeks. These are special Sundays in CrossRoads Kids—they learn about one of the biblical holidays and review all they’ve recently learned about God’s character.

Children’s Ministries also uses some of their budget for activities—56ers bowling, corn maze, campouts service projects, the medieval fair, the Rockin’ 50s Fun Night, etc. They often subsidize any costs that aren’t covered by fees. They contribute to Nala House, an orphanage in Lesotho, South Africa from their tithe money each month as well!

Overall, our Family and Children’s Ministries really invest in their programs so that our people—young and older—can grow in their faith. We’re grateful for all of you who give your offerings in order to help out with what our hundreds of kids are learning about Jesus. We are also so grateful for those of you who serve with the Early Childhood and CrossRoads Kids—we literally could not do it without you. If you’re at all interested in serving in our kids’ ministries, please contact Marcia ( or Ashten ( They would love to have you help out!

Thanks again!

Financial Update –

Fiscal Year: August 2014- July 2015

Total Budget for the fiscal year:  5,459,000

Budget to the end of May: 4,590,833

Actual Income to the end of May: 4,269,227

Income Shortfall: 321,606

Building Mortgage: 3,243,000



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