Community Bible Experience Week 1: Luke-Acts

Hey, all!

It’s the first week of the Community Bible Experience, and we’re so excited! As a church, a lot of us are reading the New Testament together this summer, and we’re using Biblica’s Books of the Bible, which gives us a fresh new format and invites us to talk about what we’re learning in community.

Most of us have begun reading this week and will get together in small groups or as friends and family to discuss. As we get going, here are a few quick tips and some info:

* Make sure to access Biblica’s online resources. When you put in your email address and the first day of reading (June 28), you’ll get great emails with short videos about the reading. You’ll also get access to the reader’s guide, an audio version, a kids’ audio version, a downloadable version of the Bible, etc. These resources will be a great encouragement to you as you read! (And if you get behind, that’s ok! Just keep going and invite God to speak to you through His Word!)

* As you read, make sure you don’t skip the invitation to each book. They provide lots of great information on the book of the Bible you’re about to read. I also beg you to read the “Drama of the Bible In Six Acts” found at the beginning of your New Testament. It is beautifully written and shows us the whole of God’s big story!

* If you’ve read the Bible before, this is a different format that encourages us to read big! Some of us might be used to reading a chapter at a time, or even focusing in on a verse or two. This format keeps us reading like a book so that we grasp the main themes of what’s going on in God’s story. So don’t get bogged down on a word or two — read big so that you understand the big picture of what is happening. Keep track of what you’re noticing and what God is showing you about Himself and His people. Invite the Holy Spirit to guide your reading time!


* Our reading this week focuses on the book of Luke. Luke writes a history of what happened while Jesus was on earth, and its format fits with other histories written during that time. We get lots of good details and facts from Luke’s Gospel. Luke makes the point that Jesus was the promised one who was sent to the Jews and then to the Gentiles (non-Jews). Jesus came to invite everyone into God’s family, and Luke highlights God’s big plan that has been going on since the very beginning.

* As you read Luke, notice how often Jesus takes time for women and the poor. The fact that Jesus acknowledged women so often in His ministry would have been unusual for the time. It shows that He values both men and women in His kingdom. Luke also spends a lot of time showing how Jesus cared for and ministered to the poor. Jesus continued to value those in need, just like we see God do all through the Old Testament.

* There are so many beautiful things in Luke. Some of my favorite parts include Mary’s song (p. 5), Zechariah’s song (p. 6), and Jesus’ declaration of jubilee for the oppressed (pp. 11-12). What are your favorites so far?

* As you read big this summer, we would love to hear from you about what God is teaching you, what you’re noticing, what you’re learning about loving God and others, etc. Please comment on this blog, our Facebook page, or email us at Mystory@CrossRoadsChurch.Ca. We can’t wait to hear how God is working!


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