Results from the CrossRoads Engagement Survey

Last summer (2014) we sent out a survey to members and adherents of our church. We wanted to hear from you about your membership, involvement and growth here at CrossRoads. We sent out the survey through email and 168 people responded—143 of those were members of the church—and gave us lots of good information. We asked lots of questions and received quite a bit of data. We won’t put it all in here; instead, we want to give you a snapshot of the responses we got!

Following Jesus

In the survey, we asked people what most influenced their decision to follow Jesus. We saw that a majority of people credited their Christian homes, parents and growing up in the church as being a major factor in their faith. We are encouraged by this, because we have hundreds of children in our Early Childhood and CrossRoads Kids ministries every week! We also found that people were brought to Christ through friends, co-workers and spouses. But we know that, ultimately, it is the Holy Spirit who draws us to Himself, which one respondent expressed beautifully:

“It’s hard to explain. Jesus really influenced my decision to follow Jesus. He was unrelenting in His pursuit of my heart. There was no denying His devotion to me; He literally chased e down and wouldn’t stop until I said ‘yes’ to Him.”

Growth Through Serving

We wanted to see if our congregation is growing in relationship with the Lord. It was encouraging to see that 73 percent of people said they were closer to Jesus than a year ago. These people were also likely to enjoy serving at church, show compassion to others, lead a group at CrossRoads, and engage in the one-minute-longer conversations that we often talk about here. It was interesting to notice that those who were growing as disciples of Jesus were connected to our church family and also out serving the community and looking for ways to share Jesus with others!

In the survey, we asked if people needed to meet with someone to help on their spiritual journey. Fourteen percent said that they would like to meet with someone. We are grateful for our Hope Ministries, which is always available for you for pastoral counseling if you need it.

We also asked what would help people become more connected at CrossRoads, and many people responded that they need to join a group. We know that through our Groups, many people get connected into community and encourage one another and help each other grow. (Make sure to keep an eye out for lots of new groups starting up this fall!)

We were really encouraged to see that 76 percent of those who completed the survey are serving at CrossRoads! We had lots of people serving in different areas of the church—children’s ministry, worship, communion, the café, youth ministry, missions, women’s ministry, Celebrate Recovery, groups, pew stocking, welcome teams, group leaders, kitchen, technicians, and the list goes on. We received some great stories from those who serve as they reflected on ways they saw God do something while they were serving:

“While serving on the team one Sunday, we saw people come up to the front and we heard that they were giving their lives to Jesus!”

“[When I’m] sharing the Bible story with the kids and bringing it alive to them, I see in their eyes that they ‘get’ God’s message of love in a real way. I see God opening the eyes of His new generation of children.”

“Weeping with joy at seeing all the kids who have come through CR Kids getting baptized and knowing that maybe I was put there to help them along with their journey!”

“Continually reminds me that I’m worthy enough to serve Him. I have struggled with self-worth most of my life, and through other believers, both young and old, I have realized I am accepted in Christ.”

“I was a bench warmer for several years caught up in pursuit of success and accomplishment—thinking I had no time to serve. God changed my heart and completely changed the direction of my life. After being on the worship team for four months, I remember returning from our trip and walking into the Christmas Eve service and breaking into tears. For the first time in four years, I felt the warmth of a church family. I knew I was ‘home.’”

What amazing stories (and these are just very few) of what God does through those who serve. We are so grateful for those who take time to serve at the church so that our ministries can flourish. Thank you! If you’re interested in getting connected and finding a way to serve, please give us a call at the church.

Grateful for Giving

We have been so continually grateful for your giving here at the church. It is because of you that we can do what we do—with our ministries, building, missions, etc. In the survey, 86 percent of people said that they give consistently and 12 percent said they give when able. Thank you so much! We work hard to be responsible with the tithes and offerings that come in as we continue our vision of giving everyone in Central Alberta an opportunity to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and by following Him, compassionately impact our world. Check out more details of our budgeting and expenses in our Toonie Talk series on the blog.

Sharing Jesus

Almost everyone who completed the survey said they have significant friendships outside the Christian faith. Of those who responded, 81 percent said they pray for at least three people outside of the faith, and 79 percent have taken time for one-minute-longer conversations—just a chance to engage a little extra time with those you come across in your daily life at the grocery store, Tim Hortons, etc. We also had 81 percent of people say that they invite unchurched people to come to CrossRoads with them. We see this every week with lots of guests who come and hear the Word of God. We also found that over 90 percent of people felt at least somewhat prepared to share their faith and acts of compassion with others. We asked those who had invited an unchurched person to come to CrossRoads, what the experience was like. We got a variety of responses:

“They very much enjoyed it. She has been wanting to go to church and I believe felt comfortable having someone with her. She very much enjoyed the music and listening to the message and visited with people she either recognized or was introduced to.”

“They enjoyed it, but were a bit overwhelmed by the size.”

“They usually like the service more than they thought they would! The music and sermons are compelling.”

From the responses we got, many visitors appreciate the message and the music, but can feel a little overwhelmed by how big our church is! This is understandable, and makes it all the more important for those of us who are here regularly to warmly greet people and make them feel welcome and loved.

A Good Snapshot

It was great to hear from some of you in our survey—it gave us a good look into what growth is happening, where people are involved, how we can do better, and where the Lord is at work. We would always love to hear from you more—about your relationship with Jesus, where you’re connected, and what you need. If you didn’t participate in the survey, but have some stories or thoughts to share, please feel free to email us at Mystory@CrossRoadsChurch.Ca. For a copy of the summary, which includes stats and more details, send a request to Communications@CrossRoadsChurch.Ca and we will send you the survey summary.

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