Community Bible Experience Week 2: Acts, 1-2 Thessalonians

Welcome to week two, everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the reading and discussion in community! I know that this is a different way of Bible reading than you are probably used to. We are reading lots of pages, big chunks, and the text is just flying by! I encourage you to stick with it, and really focus on getting the big picture of the book you’re in and how it connects to the rest of the New Testament as we read.


Did anything stand out to you in the book of Luke in the reading last week? What do you think of this chapterless, verseless format? We’d love to hear about what you noticed and what you learned about loving God and others. Please comment on this post or shoot us an email at MyStory@CrossRoadsChurch.Ca. You can also write a note in Ministry Lane on Sundays.

* In week two, we’ll read the book of Acts, which shows us how the followers of Jesus began sharing His good news. Notice that the church expands beyond Jerusalem because of the persecution they experience. Acts also takes a look at the early church as it grows and invites non-Jewish people into their community.

* We’ll also read 1 and 2 Thessalonians which are two of the Apostle Paul’s earliest letters. He encourages the Thessalonians to stick to their faith, even though many oppose them. He also sends some corrections to the church. Keep in mind that these were letters Paul was writing, and they follow the typical structure of a letter during that time — greeting, thanksgiving, prayer, body, closing.

* Make sure to meet with your group this week or simply discuss with family members or friends. Because we are reading big chunks, it is always valuable to see what others have noticed or how God spoke to them. It gives us a great, well-rounded way of approaching the Scripture.

Keep reading and inviting the Holy Spirit to guide you in His truth!



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