Pastor Dan’s sermon “Thirst” is available to watch or listen to right here.

We spent some time in John 7 this week, looking at this passage in context and understanding its amazing background. I love the background to what’s going on in this chapter, because it makes Jesus’ words so much more powerful. Like Pastor Dan explained, the Jewish people were celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles. (It’s such a fun and cool holiday! I explain it here and give you and your family some suggestions for celebrating it here.) This feast lasted for seven days, and its traditions also included asking God for water. Every day there would be a big ceremony and the priest would go down to the pool, walk back up to the temple and the people would beg God for living water — rain — for their crops. This culminated on the final day of the feast — tons of people, all begging for water. Like Pastor Dan showed us, this moment is when Jesus stands up and says, “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” How amazing! I love learning details like this from God’s story — it makes meaningful things even more meaningful when we understand what was going on around Jesus at the time.


Pastor Dan went on to encourage and remind us that when we have a relationship with Jesus and His Holy Spirit living within us, we are invited to be living water to those around us. As Christ fills us up and quenches our spiritual thirst, He wants us to bring refreshing to our friends, family and anyone we interact with.

My dad and stepmom are in town, so on Saturday, my husband and I took them to Banff for the first time. We brought them to Lake Louise and they marveled at the gorgeous lake with its blue-green water. We decided to stop in at one of the restaurants at the Fairmont Chateau hotel (for an appetizer, not a meal. We’re not made of money.) We sat there overlooking the lake and our water brought us glasses of water as we looked at the menu. All of us at the table remarked about the water — it was smooth and clear and oddly more refreshing than most water. Our water informed us that it was lake water and they don’t add anything to it — no fluoride, no chemicals, nothing. It’s just pure, refreshing water.

As we listened to the sermon yesterday, all of us were reminded of that Lake Louise water. Pure, cold, refreshing. That is what Christ’s Spirit offers us to renew us and bring us hope, and then as followers of Jesus, we have the opportunity to offer that same refreshing to others as we share the good news that Jesus quenches our thirst!

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