And Now the Good News

This week’s sermon is on our website here, or you can watch it below!

We were blessed to have Phil Callaway come speak to us this past week. I’ve never heard so much laughter in our sanctuary! I liked all of the visuals he provided and the story of his strict teacher who ended up showing him some grace.

Phil made us laugh but also reminded us of the beauty of God’s grace in our lives. None of us are righteous and none of us can take away our own sin. But because God is rich in mercy, He sent Jesus to die for us, even when we were still sinning. He showed us an amazing grace — something we do not deserve. So if Christ has redeemed us, Phil gave us a few questions to ponder:

Who should I set free? As we have been shown grace, where and how do we need to show grace to others?

How should I see myself? As believers, we find our value in Christ and His view of us, not how the world sees us.

How should I live? What changes about the way we live our lives once we’ve accepted Christ?

Phil gave us some great things to ponder, even as we chuckle at his jokes this week. What stood out to you the most?

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