Community Bible Experience Week 5: Matthew

You guys, we’re done with Paul’s letters! Now we get back into another one of the Gospels — back to narrative and back to Jesus. As you read this week, here are a few things to remember:

* Matthew is written to a Jewish audience, and he does a great job of reminding them of their story throughout the Old Testament. As you read, try to notice how Matthew connects Jesus to the Old Testament story.

* You’re more than halfway done, which is amazing! This can be a time where we might start to slack or give up. Biblica has some great recommendations for us to keep going. If you need to, switch things up. Read in a different place or at a different time. Or consider listening to the audio instead of reading it. Biblica has some great online resources for you!

* So far we’ve read Luke, Acts and all of Paul’s letters. Take some time to reflect this week on what you’ve noticed so far. Talk with someone about it and email us at MyStory.CrossRoadsChurch.Ca.

* Remember you can always join us for the Drop-In group Wednesdays at 7p.m. at the church! Stop by, even if you’ve never come before. We split into groups based on where we are in the reading (way behind or right on track) and discuss together. Hope to see you there!

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