Hope In Troubled Times

Listen to Sunday’s sermon here or watch it below!

On Sunday we had Ashwin Ramani from Centre Street Church in Calgary come speak to us. He talked to us about finding hope in troubled times, and it was an encouraging message, reminding us that God is in control.

Ashwin reminded us of all the things we tend to worry about and the circumstances that tend to discourage us. There is a lot going wrong in the world — politically, economically, socially and spiritually. We could spend a lot of time focusing on the depravity of humanity and the ways we all reject God’s plan.

But Ashwin read to us from Isaiah 6, when the prophet Isaiah comes into God’s presence. When Isaiah had this vision, things in Judah were going wrong. Their good king had just died and things were going downhill. No one was obeying God. And yet, in this vision Isaiah received, he sees God. Exalted. Seated on His throne. The entire temple is filled with His glory and the seraphim around Him spend day and night singing of His holiness.

Our God is in control. He reigns! He knows all things and in Him all things hold together. When Isaiah saw God on the throne, he recognized his own weakness and failings. The presence of God both fills us with repentance and hope. He calls us to be His representatives, to share His truth and hope in a troubled world.

Ashwin reminded us not to be discouraged when we see difficult things around us. Instead, our hope in Jesus is a strength in the midst of the gloom around us. There is a huge contrast in the fear and hopelessness of the world versus the confidence we have in Jesus. He is our hope! He makes all things new! He is restoring us!

How can you practice living in hope this week?

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