Uncharted: My Compass – His Word

Pastor Shawn’s latest sermon is available to listen to here or to watch below!

On Sunday, Pastor Shawn continued in the Uncharted series, talking about how God has given us a compass for navigation — His Word.

Uncharted 4x3

Many of us have been reading the New Testament together this summer and getting to know God’s Word a little better. As we take in the big picture through our reading, we start to understand the framework God has created for us. We can go back to certain passages and chew on them, wrestle with them, ponder them to understand what God has for us. Two points really stood out to me in Pastor Shawn’s talk — they were convicting and hopeful:

First of all, God has given us His Word and it is what we need in order to make decisions that allow us to walk in His way. It was hard to ignore the giant frame Pastor Shawn built for the stage. The frame represented the Scripture–God’s Word and all of His instructions. Pastor Shawn’s point in this is that any questions we may have about life, marriage, singleness, children, sex, money, work, etc., can be answered through the framework of God’s Word. We don’t need to ask questions like the rest of the world does, because God has shown us His way and how to walk in it. His principles fit all areas of life and guide us in truth.

This brings us to the second point that stood out to me and convicted me. When we learn how to live in God’s way, the next step is doing it. Pastor Shawn used the example of telling his kids to do the dishes. What if he comes back an hour later and they say that they’ve meditated on doing the dishes, and even had a small group over to talk about what it means to do the dishes? This is fine, but the dirty dishes are still sitting in the sink! When we learn what God’s Word said, we then have to walk in it and live it out. James points this out clearly in the New Testament. He says, “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.”

It is convicting. It is hard. We have to do what it says. But if we trust God’s character and the way He reveals Himself in the Bible, we know that His way is the best way. It’s worth following. It will be the most life-giving.

God’s Word is our compass and it guides us to Him. It shows us how to best honor and follow Him with the way we live and the choices we make. His Word is good news! It guides us! It’s worth knowing!

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