Your Prayers Urgently Needed

Earlier this month CrossRoads sent a small team of 3 (Jordan Polson, Todd Newfield, Tracy Minke) to Lebanon to go and learn first-hand from the Persecuted Church and Believers. What we found was inspiring, heart-wrenching and it gave us a clear call to action- specifically through prayer. Below is the story of one man we met who is in desperate need of prayer and God’s hand.


Kamal and his children

Kamal is a father of 3 from Syria. When his wife left him a few years ago he was lost as a man and decided to move to Lebanon leaving his family behind. He is now illegal in Lebanon and works when he can selling tissue on the streets.

As he shared his testimony he described himself in those days as ‘not being a good person, doing everything that wasn’t good’. He was a Muslim and taught that Christians were the enemy of God. However, one day when Kamal was full of anxiety a friend took him to church. The pastor was talking about Genesis and how God loved us and how he created us in his image. “I wanted to know more.” He later heard that Jesus said “Let the little children come to me” and he started thinking about his own children back in Syria and so he called his wife to speak with his children. He was told that he would never be allowed to speak to his children. After he hung up he prayed to Jesus, “I am a Muslim, and I heard you are God and if you are really God you will reveal yourself to me.” Afterwards he decided he would fast the next day. Then he slept and was woke with a phone call from Syria telling him to come pick up the kids or they would be killed. Out of desperation and doubt he told them to kill them. Then after that call he started to cry. He said to God, “Lord Jesus, was that call from you? If this was from you, how can I go get my kids when I have no money and nowhere to put them?” He couldn’t sleep that night.

The next morning a person he didn’t know knocked on his door and said he had a dream while reading his Bible and was told to give him $100 and tell him it was from the Lord. Kamal looked at him and said, “I don’t need money, that’s not what I was praying for.” He insisted and told Kamal he better take it because it was from Jesus. Kamal eventually took the money and was able to go get his kids. Since getting his kids and coming to live in Lebanon they have all been connected with a great ministry in Beirut. The kids now love Jesus and all 3 have been baptized. While we visited their home, the younger kids recited John 5:24 to us.


The CrossRoads team with Kamal and family.

Now the family is in danger. Kamal is persecuted by his brothers. They have even beaten him at times leaving him in constant pain. Today he and his kids live in a 1 bedroom place in a difficult neighborhood. He fears for his life, but his main concern is his children. He has a strong faith in Jesus and knows that he will be with Jesus if he died. In spite of the concerns, he said he is content with his life now. He simply wants his children to grow up in the Lord and to be safe from harm.


Kamal’s oldest son leading worship.

On the last day of our trip we saw Kamal again, he was desperate for help. He wants out of the country with his kids or at least wants his kids to get out. His family continues to threaten and beat him and are now trying to take the kids away from him. We just learned on Friday that his wife is bringing him to court. The challenge with this is it is a religious court and because he is now a Believer, the children could be taken from him, he could go to jail or possible be killed.

This Brother of ours needs our prayer.

•Please pray for God to step into this situation and provide a solution.
•Please pray that the faith of the father and his 3 kids remain strong in all situations.
•Please pray for the safety and protection and peace for this family.

I will share updates with you as more information becomes available, but for now we ask that you would pray with us fervently for this family. There are so many more stories of individuals that need our prayers. Over the next few weeks we will be asking and listening to the Lord to determine what part CrossRoads has in the Middle East and with the persecuted church and believers like Kamal.

Tracy Minke, Pastor of Outreach Missions

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