Uncharted: Our Anchor — God’s Story

This week’s sermon about God’s story throughout the Bible is available here or you can watch it below.

This week we talked about God’s big story — from beginning to end! Using Biblica’s “Drama of the Bible in Six Acts” as our base, we went through the entire narrative of Scripture and how God has been at work to reverse what was broken by sin.

We went through the beginning when God created the world and had a perfect relationship with humanity — all was as it should be. We talked about how Adam and Eve sinned and broke their relationship with God. We read about God choosing one man named Abraham and promising that through his family the whole world would be blessed. God rescued this family from slavery in Egypt — the Exodus, which was the defining event of the Old Testament. God then gave His people His law and asked them to live it out so that others would know what He is like. The Israelites failed to do this, though, and we went to the New Testament and saw how Jesus was able to do this perfectly. He achieved God’s victory over sin by dying for us on the cross and taking upon Himself the punishment we deserve. Because of Jesus, we can be restored to a right relationship with God! We then talked about how we are currently in God’s story — a time when we have to decide if we are going to accept Jesus and recognize our need for Him. This is also our chance to share His message with those around us. Eventually, God will come home and re-create everything. For those who follow Jesus, all will be made new!

God is telling a beautiful story. Check out this link to a pastor telling God’s whole story using solely Scripture — it’s amazing!

God’s story anchors us in what He is doing. The drama is about Him and He invites us to join with Him in what He’s doing. He has a plan and He is victorious!

What part of God’s story affects you the most?

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