Young Adults of Adventure

Adventure: An exciting or very unusual experience; a bold usually risky undertaking.

As I meet with young adults I keep hearing two things that are massively important to them.

  1. A drive to live a life of significance in community.
  2. A desire to find someone to spend their lives with.

I can’t help but get excited when I hear those longings. I want to jump up and down and wave frantically. “Over here! Pick me I know that answer! It’s church and Jesus and community and missions and godliness; and while that sounds pat and overly Christian, it’s not, you just missed it.

Young adults here is your invite. Be a part of a bold and usually risky undertaking. Join us on an unusual experience that if you engage will no doubt be exciting. And while you play look around, you may just notice the guy or girl of your dreams on adventure with you.

It would look something like this.

-You join a small group of young adults.

-That small group commits to each other for a year.

-You learn how to be honest, vulnerable, loyal and inspiring to the individuals in your group.

-Your group learns how to be honest, vulnerable, loyal and inspiring to you.

-You pursue God in your day-to-day life with the support of your group. You support others in this same way.

-You go on missions and do ministry with your group.

-You go on trips and do activities with your group.

– And in all of this you discover God to be much bigger, closer, more real, and exciting than you once dreamed to be possible. You discover that you are better in a community, and your community goes further because of you.

– Now increase your chances of finding a spouse and at the very least making more friends by joining lots of other small groups in the city for joint ministry, worship, and fun events.

Are we totally there yet? Honestly no. But we could be. It would take you and your desire to be on a godly adventure.

Interested? Email me. It’s I’m the new young adults pastor at CrossRoads Church.

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