Uncharted: Our Crew — His Church

Pastor Shawn’s sermon is available here or you can watch it below!

This week we talked about the importance of community in our lives. God has surrounded us with a community of believers to encourage us, support us, and yes — challenge us.

We continued in Romans 12 with some verses that reminded us to not think of ourselves more highly than we should. Each of us is a part of the bigger body, and we all have a part to play and we all need one another! When we’re in community, we can help others grow and we can get input and advice from others, because we all have a tendency for self-deception. I know I do.

Shawn gave us some great questions for community to help us GROW.

  • What have you been learning from God’s Word? What has Jesus been saying to you?
  • How does your life currently Reflect this truth? What does your reality look like?
  • What steps of Obedience do you need to take?
  • What Will you do about this? What help do you need from the Holy Spirit to be obedient?

These questions are the basis for many of our groups here at CrossRoads. Every week, people get together in community and discuss the Christian life and ask these types of questions. They’re not complicated; they’re just a way for us to get connected and encourage one another to grow in our relationships with the Lord.

If you’re looking to get connected into community this fall, please consider facilitating or joining a group! We have lots of different types and they’re a great way to meet new people and to have fellowship with the body of Christ. The new groups catalogue will be out next week, so make sure to check out the website or visit groups in Ministry Lane on Sunday. If you’re interested in facilitating a group, contact us at Connect@CrossRoadsChurch.Ca.

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