Toonie Talk: Connecting and Adult Ministries

This year we’ve been exploring the budgets of the different ministries around the church. We’re so grateful to our generous CrossRoads family for donating to what God is doing through all that goes on to share God’s truth with others!


Connecting Ministries

One of our biggest ministries at CrossRoads includes our Connecting Ministries. Connecting Ministries is concerned with, you guessed it, connecting people into community! This fiscal year, Connecting Ministries has an estimated budget of $22,500, with the church subsidizing $20,500 of that.

One of the main ways Connecting Ministries works to get people involved in community is through our groups. Groups are important to us, especially because we’re a big church. When people get connected into small groups, they form deeper relationships and find people to grow with. A big chunk of the connecting ministries budget goes to training small group leaders so that they are equipped to facilitate groups. Connecting also uses their budget for small group materials and the software we use to register all of our groups. Groups are starting up in September, so make sure to check out the new groups catalogue and get connected!

Beyond small groups, Connecting Ministries is responsible for our Welcome Teams here at CrossRoads. Welcome Teams serve once a month on Sundays and will greet you at the door, do our ushering and answer questions in the Connecting Point. Connecting Ministries invests in the welcome teams with part of their budget, because a Welcome Team is kind of like another group here at the church. Joining a welcome team is a great way to get connected into community and begin to serve at the church!

Connecting Ministries also invests in our baptisms by organizing the sessions and providing materials and a reception for the baptisees. Also, whenever you hear about Next Steps events, church picnics, or Take the Dip, those are often the result of Connecting Ministries working hard to provide ways for everyone to meet, connect and fellowship. We have an upcoming Next Steps event on September 13, and you won’t want to miss it – you can get connected into small groups, mid-size community groups, welcome teams and other ways to be involved here at CrossRoads!

Adult Ministries

Another way for people to get connected at CrossRoads is through the mid-size community groups offered through Adult Ministries. The Adult Ministries budget for this fiscal year is $88,888 with $35,388 likely subsidized by the church general fund. Mid-size communities at CrossRoads are larger groups that often run quite regularly and are able to host a lot of people. Some examples of our mid-size communities that have been going for awhile are GEMS, North of 40, Thrive, a variety of sports groups, etc. Alpha is one of our biggest groups – with a budget that goes toward supplies, a retreat and meals for those who attend. Alpha is a great way to explore and ask questions about Christianity, and we have a new session starting in September! Check out the website or bulletin for more info.

These are great groups to join if you are brand new to CrossRoads and looking for those first steps into community. The money for our mid-size communities go toward retreats, meals, supplies, planning, and special events or conferences. Again, make sure to check out our groups catalogue for info on each of our mid-size community groups starting up this fall.

Thank You!

We believe community is so important—it’s a way for us to go deeper with the Lord and one another. So thank you for giving so generously through your tithing so that we can invest in our groups and in making new people feel welcomed into our big church family. We couldn’t do it without you!

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