Every Living Thing Week 4: Responsibility

Pastor Dan’s sermon “Responsibility” in the Every Living Thing series is available here or you can watch it below.

In this week’s sermon we looked at Genesis 1 and God’s creation of people and the responsibility He gave them to rule and subdue the earth. Ruling is tied to God’s image in this context. God creates people, and part of being created in His image is to rule as He would. In the Ancient Near East, kings would often put up a statue or image of themselves near the borders of their land. (Nebuchadnezzar creates an image like this in Daniel 3.) This would let everyone who entered know that they were now entering the rule or dominion of that king.

So when God creates people in His image and gives them authority to rule, it means that we have the responsibility to rule as God would. It is His dominion and authority we are to express as rulers. As Pastor Dan said, this ruling is an exercise on behalf of God, not instead of Him. We are to rule as He does, which means we’re to value His creation like He does.

And ultimately, if we want to see someone “in the image of God” who ruled as God would, we look to Jesus. He was not just God’s image; He is God. He shows us what God is like. And the example we see in Jesus’ life is that His rule was filled with servanthood. He served others and ultimately laid down His life for us.

We are created in God’s image, meant to serve Him. When we turn away from God’s path and choose sin and rebellion, we’re separated from Him. But God provided a way back to us through Jesus. He shows us compassion — just as He has compassion on all that He has made.

Pastor Dan mentioned a couple of ways we can take responsibility for God’s creation here in Canada. A Rocha has lots of information on caring for creation, and Green Deer is a Red Deer site that lets you know of ways to get involved right here at home. Check them out this week!

We’re created in God’s image, with comes with some responsibility. Let’s take advantage and ask God how we can best rule as He would — showing compassion to all that He has made.

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