Toonie Talk: Planned Giving

This year we’ve been doing a series called Toonie Talk, which breaks down our budget to show all the different areas of our ministry and how the money gets used to further God’s kingdom here in Central Alberta and around the world.

We are so grateful for your generous gifts to CrossRoads, and we want you to know that we are committed to using your tithes and offerings in ways that honour the Lord.

This month I wanted to mention a couple of different ways to give here at the church. You can always give through our easy five ways (online giving, direct payment through bank accounts, numbered envelopes, credit/debit cards or envelopes in the pews on Sundays), but planned giving is also a great option to consider.

Planned giving is simply deciding where your assets should be distributed. The most common type of planned giving is by way of bequest in your will. A will is a very flexible planning tool, allowing you to gift specific property, a specific sum of money or a percentage of your estate. You can state whether the gift is to be used immediately or disbursed over time. The gift can be absolute or contingent upon another event. In making your will, you decide what to do with the assets you have accumulated over your lifetime.

There are quite a few other ways to do planned giving, including RRSPs, life insurance and other gifts. Read here for more information on planned giving. And if you’d like to know more about planned giving in any capacity, please feel free to contact our executive pastor Jordan Polson at

Thank you again for your willingness to give to what God is doing at CrossRoads. We appreciate you!

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