The Ins and Outs of a Shoebox

by Karla Rosenkranz

What goes IN is fun. Loving. Wondering. Caring. The list goes on.


What comes OUT is ETERNAL!
An opportunity to meet Jesus. Life. Hope. Families Changed. Churches Built. Leaders Uniting. Peace. Disciples.
Praises, this list also goes on!


It’s beautifully simple; fill a shoebox with all the love you can muster!  Include a balance between hygiene items, school supplies and toys. (Please note that candy is not allowed.) Also include a letter, photo and a return address if you like.

CrossRoads will be collecting these gospel opportunities, aka shoeboxes, beginning Sunday, October 18th and ending Sunday, November 15th in the sanctuary.  A table will be set up with brochures and other information in the church or everything can be found online at:, including a special new kids sheet!

Your CrossRoads Church representatives are Peggy at 403-342-1222 and Karla at

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