Every Living Thing Week 5: Care

Pastor Dan’s sermon “Care” in the Every Living Thing series is available here or you can watch it below.

This week Pastor Dan took us out into nature, where he spoke from the Michael O’Brien Wetland in Clearview Meadows. Wasn’t it gorgeous with all those fall colors? I’ve never been there, but plan to go on a walk there before winter hits!

Pastor Dan walked us through three “R’s” we can think of when it comes to creation care. Not reduce, reuse, recycle — we’ve come up with our own!

The first was Rejoice. Psalm 96 talks about our God and the glory He is due. It calls for the creation to rejoice, which includes us. Pastor Dan mentioned the “already, not yet” phase that we are currently in. Because of what Jesus did on the cross, He ushered in a new era. God has been victorious over sin and death and we’re all invited to salvation through Jesus. This has already happened. But we’re also in a “not yet” state. Jesus has not yet returned and made all things new. Evil is still around and although the process of restoration has begun, we don’t yet feel its full effects because we’re still waiting for Christ’s triumphant return. But in this already/not yet phase, we can begin rejoicing. We know that God is and will be victorious. We can participate in the restoration that Jesus has started — of people’s souls, of His creation, of all things in heaven and on earth. And so we rejoice and celebrate our God and His creation!

discovery canyon

The second point was to Re-Engage. Pastor Dan pointed out Jeremiah 29:4-7, when God tells the Israelites who are in a foreign land to engage where they’re at. Pastor Dan encouraged us to:

  1. Get to know Red Deer — its wildlife, crops, environmental concerns, etc. This is our place and we should know who inhabits it!
  2. Do something! This Green Deer site has information for some ways to get involved. My husband and I have been talking about this as well — thinking about even small ways we can engage. For example, next time we walk on the trail along the river by our home, we should bring a bag and pick up any garbage we see. And we do this because God cares for His creation and it glorifies Him. After all, which brings more glory to God — a riverbed filled with garbage or one that is sparkling clean?
  3. Pray for the peace and prosperity of our city. We should pray for Red Deer and Central Alberta — for our businesses and farmers and all the things that will make it a great place to showcase God’s glory.

Finally, Pastor Dan encouraged us to Relax. We should slow down and enjoy our city and the beautiful creation God has placed around us. When I first moved to Red Deer, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I am from the States and I always lived in cities — Red Deer is the smallest place I have lived. But what impressed me so much here is the beautiful trail and park system! It’s gorgeous and so well-kept. We are blessed to live in such a place, and we should take some Sabbath time and enjoy it.

So let’s care for creation along with our God. It glorifies Him!

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