God-Sized Stories

By Karla Rosenkranz

This past Thanksgiving I heard a couple of amazing God-stories. I realized how much I needed to hear these miracles and remember how God is working for our good today. So I thought I would share a couple of stories about His work through Operation Christmas Child and invite you to be a participate.


“I live in a very poor neighborhood and many times I don’t have the school items that I require at school. I always wanted to have a special pencil with removable leads. I prayed to God for one and some friends at my school laughed at me because I said I prayed for one. However, when I was invited to participate in a special celebration in a Christian church at my village, they gave me a gift where I got school supplies. Among them were two of the special pencils I always wanted to have. Now I’m happy that I have the opportunity to study the Bible lessons and I’m learning a lot from what our teacher explains. I have learned that God cares for me. These lessons came to our village because God is good. Thank you for sending to us these lessons.” – Roberto, 12-years-old


The generosity of Canadians through Operation Christmas Child gift-filled shoeboxes recently brought the Gospel to a Muslim village in Senegal, West Africa. A shoebox distribution was arranged by Senegalese Christians, so that a gift could be given to each child in the village. When the team arrived, they were blown away—the villagers had never heard about Jesus Christ. After the distribution, a man approached our team. “We have never seen someone come and give gifts that value our children,” he said. “You have been Jesus in our lives.” Today, that village has a church—thanks to the generosity of people like you.

You Are Invited…..

Pray and lovingly pack a shoebox and expect God to work through your Christ-like love. In the CrossRoads foyer we have brochures with all the information you need as well as shoeboxes available.

We will be collecting them until Sunday, November 15 in the sanctuary.


For more stories and information you can go to; http://www.samaritanspurse.ca/rss/operation-christmas-child/impact/impact-stories.aspx

Or call Peggy at 403-342-1227 or email Karla at kdrosenkranz@hotmail.com.

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