Immanuel — God’s Answer for a Broken World

by Wilma Vander Leek

 When we look around in our world—whether we focus on Central Alberta, Canada or the world at large—we see brokenness, hurt, violence, turmoil, and death. It doesn’t take any of us too long to think of or voice the question: “Why God? This doesn’t make sense! Why is this happening?”


I know I have asked the question or something similar many times. This past month it certainly came to my lips upon hearing about the Bott family while I was still in Uganda. While there, a young female adult was murdered and then too I asked, “Why?” Was she simply at the wrong place at the wrong time?

There is just so much in our lives, our world, that doesn’t make sense. Often we try to figure it out from our human perspective. We ask: Why did this happen God? If you are all-knowing and all-seeing, you certainly could have stopped this! You could have warned them! You could have changed the situation! So why doesn’t He?

Maybe it’s not God’s issue at all; maybe it’s our focus that’s askew! Maybe it is something that we’re missing and God isn’t? What does He have planned? Why did He allow this—whatever it is—to happen?

Perhaps our line of questioning needs to change from “Why God?” to “How do you want me to move, see this, help in this area?”

Changing our line of questioning doesn’t mean that we no longer wonder why—rather it helps us to focus on the issues from a different perspective.

If we concentrate on what we know about God; His love for His creation, the sacrifice He made for us to be saved, how He came back to the Israelites time and time again with patience and forgiveness, that nothing surprises Him, maybe we can start to see the issues around us with some clarity.

During the season of Advent, Pastor Dan will be challenging us to ponder some of the harder issues from a different angle. As he takes us through the series: Immanuel – God’s Answer to a Broken World, let’s look at the questions we used to ask and see if something in us is changed.

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