Toonie Talk: Local Compassion

We’re continuing our look at how our budget gets distributed here at CrossRoads. This month we’re going to dive into our Local Compassion area, which is headed up by Laurie Whitaker.

Laurie has done a great job connecting with agencies and people in our community to help fulfill the Local Compassion vision of caring deeply for vulnerable youth and the single parent, both within our church body and in our local community. We feel called to offer spiritual and practical support to those who parent alone and to mentor youth.

In order to do this, Local Compassion provides monthly support to the Pregnancy Care Centre, Big Brothers/Big Sisters and Legacy Place Society, formerly known as Diakonos House. These organizations all have different programs and purposes. The Pregnancy Care Centre provides support, counseling, classes and more for parents. Their recently finished housing project will provide space and support for pregnant moms. Big Brothers/Big Sisters is a mentoring program that matches mentors with youth who can benefit from a stable friendship. Legacy Place provides refuge, resources and supports to First Responders and their families.

All of these organizations provide useful resources to our local community, and they could all use your help as well! If you’re interested in volunteering with any of them, just contact Laurie and she’ll get you connected.

Through Local Compassion we also fund local projects. We currently fund the Bounce after school program at Fairview and Normandeau schools. This program helps certain students be able to succeed in ways they wouldn’t have the capacity to without this program. We also have committed to fund the project manager position at the Pregnancy Care Centre.

Local Compassion also uses some budget money to focus on single parenting opportunities, namely through the Single Moms Group that meets at the church once a month on Fridays. This group provides a fellowship meal, childcare, and a chance for moms to talk and hear from speakers, access resources available through the church and community and to form a support network.

Another aspect of the Local Compassion budget goes to children or youth opportunities. On November 16, Local Compassion is hosting Big Brothers/Big Sisters in the youth centre. Everyone 18 and older is invited and it’s a great chance to come see more of what this program does and the young people who need mentors. It’s from 5:30-7:30, and you won’t want to miss it!

Our Local Compassion ministry has really stepped up in the past couple of years to reach out to our Central Alberta community. There are a lot of needs, and as we focus in on single moms and youth, we can see the great need and also the great opportunities for God’s mission. Again, if you want to get involved in Local Compassion in any way, please contact Laurie at

So thank you for donating generously to CrossRoads so that we can continue to reach out to Central Alberta. We so appreciate your giving, and desire to use it for God’s glory!

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