JONAH – The Reluctant Missionary

By Wilma Vander Leek

The theme found in the book of Jonah is the salvation of the Lord. It’s thought-provoking that the task of sharing the salvation of the Lord is given to such average, ordinary guy.

Jonah was an everyday kind of person with real frustrations, questions, clumsiness and assumptions like many of us. Jonah was more inept as a missionary than what we might see at first glance.  Even when Jonah finally does something right, like going to Nineveh and preaching, he still gets things very wrong, as shown in his anger at God.

Jonah is not too high and mighty for us to identify with as a companion in our own ineptness. God called Jonah to go to a place that intimidate the Israelites because the Assyrians were a real threat to them. What was Jonah’s attitude with what God asked him to do and what were his actions that followed? How are we similar to Jonah or different with what God asks of us? Do we respond appropriately to God’s calling on our lives or are we still running in another direction?

Join Pastor Dan as he unpacks this small yet tantalizing book for a 4 week series from January 17 to February 7, 2016 and see what God is showing you in Jonah’s story or where He is asking you to go!

I would challenge you to prepare for this series. Read the book of Jonah a head of time allow yourself to be drawn you in, then marinate in the story and see where you find yourself.  Honestly ask yourself those questions and see how much you are like or not like Jonah.

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