We’ve been exploring how money is allocated here at CrossRoads so as we head into the Christmas season I thought it would be great to look at the Global Compassion Campaign or ‘GCC’ as we call it. It’s great timing to explore the GCC because a significant portion of it’s budget comes from our Christmas Campaign.  I sat down with Pastor Tracy and learned some interesting things about this budget item.


The GCC is a part of the overall Missions Ministry along with the Local Initiative and the Missions Mobilization Team (MMT)  but has its own budget line for revenue and expenses. The projected budget for this portion of the Missions department is near $400,000. Some of the funds cover the cost of administrative items like bringing individuals from our three partner areas to CrossRoads so they can share with us personally about how God is working in their countries. Some funds are used on an as needed basis such as relief aid in Nepal after the earthquake and more recently aiding the current refugee crisis. The majority of the GCC funds though are distributed between the three organizations we partner with: Haiti Arise, International Needs in Uganda and World Relief in Rwanda.

In Uganda we have been partnering with International Needs, specifically with the Community HIV/AIDS Program (CHAP), since 2009.  Other programs have benefited from the support of the GCC such as a micro-financing program that teach people to save and invest.  These funds were also used to purchase equipment and facilities that support teaching programs.

In Rwanda we have been partnering with World Relief since late 2013 and all the funds allocated to this group go towards the Church Empowerment Zone (CEZ).  This program empowers pastors to care for their communities.

Our partnership with Haiti has been since 2009.  The funds here helped rebuild a trade school after a major earthquake and have now shifted from supporting infrastructure to supporting their trade school program. The support helps with things such as training and administrative salaries.

The funds allocated to these global ministries give hope to vulnerable people and share the Gospel of Christ. For more information on these partners and the work they do look for a copy of the Christmas Campaign booklet this December.

Throughout the Advent season you will find red envelopes in the pews. We invite you take one home and pray about how God would use you in the work of the GCC.

If you would like to know more about the GCC you are invited to join them at Partners in Mission – a night of fun and celebration on December 10 in the Chapel, where you will learn, experience, celebrate and connect with the Missions Team. Click here to learn more!

partners in mission - web.jpg


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