It’s a new year and a new ministry highlight in the Toonie Talk series.  As we leave December, and a busy Christmas season, where enjoying meals and goodies together  is a common occurrence…seriously calories don’t exist in December do they??  So the I thought it would be a perfect time to highlight the Kitchen Ministry.

The Kitchen operates on a tight budget and is subsidized by the Church General Fund for $18,000 which is about 12% of their overall budget.  The majority of expenses go to cover internal ministry activities.  Internal ministries budget for the expense of meals and reimburse the Kitchen for meals that are provided.   The Cafe operates on a budget of $20,000 and uses any revenue from the Sunday latte bars to recoup some of that cost.

The Kitchen Ministry has three staff of which one is full time and two are part time.  They serve both internal ministries and external groups throughout the year.  This includes the Cafe that operates every Sunday morning. During the year internal ministries such as Celebrate Recovery, Alpha/Apha 2, the Marriage Prep course and the Marriage group meet weekly and are served a meal from the Kitchen.  That means there are around 200 people who are fed during the week.  The Kitchen also provides meals on a monthly basis for Finance Committee and Board meetings as well as the GEMS Group.  That works out to another 80-90 people.   At times they also provide for other events such as a simulcast, conference or Engaged membership event.   External groups are served throughout the week as well and range in size from 10-15 people to upwards of 200.

Maggie and her crew have received the highest Alberta Health Services Food Safety Rating for many years.  This is a stringent checklist to past and is given out by the Health Inspector.  The Kitchen team also takes care of restocking the kitchen supplies as well as the Cafe so if you or a ministry you serve with uses something from these areas know it is available because they look after it.

There are many opportunities to serve with them.  They are always looking for help with  food preparation, serving of the meals and of course clean-up.  No special training is required for any of these opportunities.  All ages over 12 are welcomed, but 12-18 year olds require an adult to serve alongside them…but what an awesome opportunity to serve with your family.  Email if this is an area the Holy Spirit may be nudging you to serve in.

This article wouldn’t be complete without a look at the Cafe.  This is the hub where you can hangout  and enjoy a handcrafted latte, or buy a muffin and a smoothie, while you mingle with old friends and meet a few new ones.  It is an extension of the Kitchen Ministry and one that you may be familiar with if you join us on Sunday’s .  It is co-ordinated by a volunteer, Sharon Tomalty, who organizes the Sunday server team, ensures servers receive proper training of the equipment and helps in restocking the coffee supplies and other items that we all benefit from that are located behind the counter.   Many internal ministries use the Cafe area during the week as a place to set out a coffee service or use the counter space as a serving area for their time together.  The Cafe is manned by 10 servers on any given Sunday. If servers (volunteers) are available the Cafe can also be used during special events as well such as weddings, simulcasts, conferences or fundraisers.

There are many ways to serve in the Cafe so if you love people and the being in the hub on Sunday this is the place for you.  If you enjoy seeing things organized and tidy the Cafe could use you as well.   It takes 2-3 people during the week to restock, clean and maintain the area. Servers are also needed on Sundays to operate the latte bar and to setup and refill the regular coffee stations in the Cafe and Foyer Hall.  If you are interested in serving in the Cafe there is some training required but it is simple and hands on.  If you or your family are interested in serving contact Sharon Tomalty at for more information.

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