Part 2 of My Journey With Breast Cancer

By Laurie Skog

As I write this, it is December and chemo will be coming to an end by the end of January. The words that the Lord keeps putting in front of me are: DO NOT FEAR. Soon after I was diagnosed the Lord put a song in my heart and it resonates in me when things seem to get challenging.

Most Worthy
You O Lord are the one most worthy
Worthy  of all my praise on high
Worthy of honor and all glory
You are the Ruler of earth and  sky.

Lest I forget Your grace and Your mercy
Lest I forget Your everlasting love
Lest I forget You are all forgiving
The One most Holy, Lord above.

Two chemo treatments were delayed because of infections or low blood counts.

The Lord kept encouraging me with the words, ‘Do not fear or be discouraged.’ It would come in a devotional, in an e-mail, in my Bible reading, or in a sermon. It has been incredible. One  thing I had not counted on was getting shingles. It has been and still is a painful ordeal and I wondered what the Lord had in mind with all the little side trails I was going on. The one word that kept coming to mind was TRUST. 

I finally got through my first round of chemo and had wonderful help from friends and neighbors. They would show up and clean up the garden, vacuum the house, or bring meals. Fatigue was and is a very real part of my life now. Then it was time for my 2nd round and I thought that there were only four treatments left, giving me time off for Christmas. It turned out that the four treatments would be four rounds with three treatments in each. I was extremely disappointed, but decided I could muster on. These treatments are every week and with a total of 12.  My veins seem to be taking a beating. On the up side, I do feel better with these treatments. However, there now seems to be a problem with my blood pressure. I have always had a fairly consistent low blood pressure over the years and now it is higher with every treatment. I don’t know where this will lead.  The girls at the cancer clinic are very supportive and I am so thankful for all they do.

Because I am so immune compromised I have not been coming to church, but watch it online. I miss the fellowship and singing with the congregation so much, but this too will come to an end. The messages are always a balm to my spirit, and today (Dec. 13), Pastor Dan’s sermon encouraged us to move from fear to faith. What a blessing. Another sermon on television encouraged us not to fear, but to trust. Ok Lord, I trust you with my ever-rising blood pressure, the increased bruising, and the nose bleeds. This too will come to an end. Tomorrow I need to call the oncology team and see what they have to say about this. I pray there won’t be delays, but that I can be done with this part of my treatment at the end of January.

Radiation starts in March. Sixteen treatments, one a day (except weekends and holidays), so that will be just over 3 weeks. I look forward to going away…even to Winnipeg where many of my family live.

Don and I went for a walk in our winter wonderland today. It just brought to mind the purity that the Lord wants from His bride. The world is so much with us and when we are  together with people that are not of the same mind and are fearful or steeped in big troubles, it is sometimes difficult to remain focused on the do not fear, do not be discouragedWe trust in the Lord with all our heart and lean not on our own understanding. In all our ways we acknowledge Him and He will make our paths straight.

There have been so many ‘God stories’ throughout this journey and I expect there will be more. I thank the Lord for each and every one of them.

Until next time, God’s peace to you all.

4 Comments on “Part 2 of My Journey With Breast Cancer

  1. Thanks Laurie you are a great trooper and your love of God will see you through this take care Lov Barb

  2. Hang in there Auntie 🙂 We continue to pray for you as you go through this ‘bump in the road’
    Sending you love and (((HUGS)))

    Love, Diane

  3. Continuing to pray for you sister. I have always admired you and now lift you up for healing and blessings. God be with you…do not fear.

  4. The Lord will accomplish that which concerns you. The Healing that He has begun, he will bring it to the expected end. Fear not, trust on. You are the daughter of Zion. You will testify of the goodness of the lord once again. peace!

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