Toonie Talk: Young Adults



Throughout the last year we’ve been doing a series called Toonie Talk, which breaks down our budget to show all the different areas of our ministry and how the money gets used to further God’s kingdom here in Central Alberta and around the world. Last month we talked about the Kitchen Ministry and this month we are going to look at the Young Adult Ministry  which is run by Pastor Robert Mudde.

The budget for this ministry includes revenues of $5500 and expenses of $15,000 which leaves an expected subsidy of $9500 from the church general fund.  This is a decrease of just over $10,000 from the previous year. The expenses would include general activities and outreach opportunities for young adults as they host regular gatherings of small and large groups, connecting events, Bible study, and prayer nights.

Adventure is the theme when talking with Pastor Robert about this ministry.  His vision is that Young Adults (people aged 18-30) would experience Christ through everyday adventures while they are waiting on God for direction in this season of life between teenager and adulthood.  He’s pretty transparent when it comes to the fact that many in this age group are in a holding pattern as they wait to find a spouse and he believes having adventures can equip and set up a young adult to have a wealth of life experience for when they find someone to share the rest of their lives with.  His hope for young adults is that they would learn to experience God through adventures and that their faith would be stronger as a result.  This is accomplished in two ways: Day-to-Day Adventures and Epic Adventures

Day-to-Day Adventures are things such as weekly small group meetings where the members wrestle with what an active relationship with God really looks like.  They engage in conversations that are facilitated by mature Christian couples who host the meetings in their homes.  The host couple help to keep the group on track with asking questions like “What is the Holy Spirit doing in your life?”.  They also spend time praying for the young adults specifically around how they will relate to others in the week and how they will hopefully see God at work in their lives and in the lives of those they interact with.  Currently there are 8 small groups meeting on a weekly basis. These Day-to-Day Adventures also include weekly volleyball games on Sunday nights and Wednesday night frisbee games during the summer. The expectation on the sports night is that the attendees spend time together afterwards hanging out and asking each other where they have seen God at work in their lives.

If this sort of adventure sounds like fun or if you are interested in hosting a small group in your home please email Pastor Robert for more information.

Epic Adventures are are just that…epic experiences that stretch and challenge the young adult.  They may be once in a lifetime opportunities such as a short term mission trip to Greece, hosting 50 Syrian refugees at a tobogganing party or a spiritual retreat on a sailboat.  Just this past month there were 6 young adults who travelled to Greece as part of a short term outreach team.  You can read about their experience on the Missions Blog.

Another example of an Epic Adventure was a group of 25 young adults taking 50 Syrian refugees out for a tobogganing party.  The group of refugees were mostly children and a few dads. The young adults picked up the refugees, enjoyed food with them, then took them for a Canadian pastime experience. It was an epic experience…none of the refugees spoke English nor had they played in snow before!

There are plans for small groups to attend weekly potlucks for Syrian refugees in the near future too.  These small groups would hang out with the attendees and engage in community with them as well as taking on the responsibility of meeting any needs that the refugees would have for that week. The following week, on a rotating basis, a new group would engage and care for the refugees.  This is a great example of Day to Day Adventure with a little bit of ‘epic’ added to it.

Now you have a good look at what goes on in Young Adult Ministry and how funds are used by Pastor Robert in order to facilitate adventures, both day-to-day and epic ones, in order to strengthen the faith of a young adult and engage in Kingdom work in Central Alberta and the World.



Financial Update

Fiscal Year: August 2015- July 2016
Total Budget for the fiscal year: 5,831,500
Budget to the end of December: 2,619,375
Actual Income to the end of December: 2,247,384
Income Shortfall: 371,991

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