Don’t Feel Bad

Written by a participant at Griefshare – A.H.

I wrote this poem after the second death in my immediate family in the course of only a couple of months. With it I wanted to let people know how my grief feels, how I feel and in the end what I need.

Grief is a journey, one that is not a stroll on the beach but more like a hike through rugged terrain. It is good and valuable to have understanding, loving, praying people by my side; yet it is still a journey that is hard and painful, and often walked alone because in the end everyone grieves differently and everyone deals with the pain in a different way.

Attending GriefShare was a huge step towards the healing hands of Father God. Learning more about grief, sharing with others, listening to what they experience, what helps them and in the end having people around who have something in common was and is very special; it also encouraged me to write more about this journey.


Don’t feel bad
lf you don’t know
What to say
There is no answer
Nothing you say
Takes away the pain
Just let me know
You are here

Don’t feel bad
When you feel helpless
That makes me feel
Less strange and weak
Let me know
That you don’t know
But that you are here

Don’t feel bad
If you are not
Thinking about me all the time
But know that hurt and grief
Take months and years to heal
Show me you care
That you are here

Don’t feel bad
When I start crying
Those tears are needed
They are healing waters
Don’t try to dry them
Or talk them away
Just show me
That you are here

Don’t feel bad
There is no answer
No cure for a hurting heart
Only my Saviour
Can mend and heal
My heart

Griefshare meets on Tuesdays at 7:00pm in room 108. 


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