My Journey With Breast Cancer – Part 3

by Laurie Skog

We serve such an awesome God.  He has everything in hand before we can even think about it.

After a chemo session on January 7th, the oncology team was concerned about the neuropathy (tingling and numbness) in my fingers and toes. The blood pressure issues had resolved themselves, thank you Lord, but the neuropathy continued to creep further into my hands and my feet. There were three treatments left and a decision had to be made as to whether I would continue (possibly causing permanent damage to nerves in fingers and toes) or to stop and go on to radiation. The day after the chemo, the Lord showed me Miriam’s song: Exodus 15:1 and 21:

“I will sing to the Lord,for He is highly exalted;
The horse and its rider He has hurled into the sea.”

It seemed clear to me that we needed to stop the chemo as it had done its job.

The next Tuesday, Don and I met with the oncology nurse practitioner and told her that we were convinced that we should stop the chemo treatments. As I sat there I felt I should turn my hands (palms up) in front of me. As she told me that it was ultimately my decision, my hands turned hot and bright red – red meaning stop. She agreed to support my decision and we would continue on with the radiation.  How the Lord, absolutely, showed Don and me that this was the right decision by turning my hands red at exactly the right moment in the conversation, was awesome indeed.

I was given a few weeks to recover, however the neuropathy was still with me and exercises and warm Epson salt soaks were supposed to relieve the symptoms. February 8th I started the radiation. The staff in that department is an awesome group. The treatments were only about ten minutes long and were not painful in any way. High above me there was an opening like a cross with an ‘eye’ peering down at me. It just gave me such a sense of calm making me realize how our Lord watches over us at all times. The staff told me that my skin would be feeling like it was sun burned and that I needed to lather it with a special cream several times a day. They also warned me that once finished, the treatments it would continue to ‘cook’ me more – just as a microwave oven continues to cook food even after the power has been switched off.

My last treatment was March 1st and there are some spots which are still ‘cooking’, but they should be finished soon. The neuropathy and shingle pain are still with me. There are days when things are better and then there are those days that are not so good. Writing and hitting the right keys on the keyboard are sometimes difficult, but I am grateful that I am on the road to recovery and things are more normal.

Thank you Lord Jesus for this adventure that has increased my faith in You so much. My prayer is that my story will encourage others to seek the Lord with all their heart and grow deeper in their faith in Him.

I would also thank everyone who has helped, encouraged and prayed for me over the last year. You have been my army of warriors. You have been and still are the hands and feet of Jesus. Thank you.

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