Toonie Talk

tooniesIt’s that time again to highlight a ministry area and the budget.  This is the biggest ‘ministry’ that we will be highlighting as it takes up 50% of the overall budget.  If you haven’t figured it out yet I am talking about the staff.  If you’ve been reading along you know that we have highlighted many ministry areas already and covered a few of the paid positions as well but there are many more people who play a vital role in the day to day operations of CrossRoads Church and I hope to give you a behind the scenes look at some of them.  The staff here cover a wide variety of roles such as Administrative Support, Reception, Human Resources, Event Coordinator, Facility Team, Communications Team as well as the Pastoral Team.  There are 44 people on staff.  There is a 50/50 split between hourly and salaried staff as well…so 22 are hourly and 22 are salaried.   Since I like details,  I broke that down into categories and discovered that 11 of those staff are in an administrative support role, 3 are in communications, 11 are on our facility team, 2 in the human resource department and 1 receptionist.

This is a very hardworking group of people who work many hours in order to make sure everything runs accordingly..and they often serve and give their time in those areas as well.   For example the administrative support staff put in 320.5 hours between the 11 of them.  These hours include more than booking appointments, fielding phone calls, paper work or managing a calendar.  Many of these people are actively involved in the ministry they are supporting and work throughout the week to build service teams, lead those teams and build relationships in their ministries.   Whether it’s organizing a baptism service, leading the Welcome Teams, mentoring Sunday leaders in CrossRoads Kids and Pre-K, leading Jr. High or Sr. High student small groups, typing out countless chord charts and mentoring musicians, keeping tabs on the many short term mission groups sent out, delegating to a prayer team, tracking the numerous amount of volunteers that serve in our Family ministries, preparing curriculum for Sunday, and sharing their heart for the ministry they serve through writing on the blog…this group of people put their heart into the work they do during the week.  That’s a list fit for Paul but I wanted to give you the broadest sense of what goes on from the role of an administrative support role so when you see one of these people make sure to ask them what’s going on in their ministry world and if there is a place for you to serve with them.

The Facility group puts in a combined 332.5 hours a week between all their staff.  These people not only make sure the nuts and bolts of the building are functioning they also clean up after us during the week, help set up and take down events, host the facility during the week, monitor our impact on the environment and coordinate the many internal and external room and event bookings that happen during the week.  They also work together with the rest of the staff to make sure that the facility is being used to it’s maximum capacity.  They are our first resource with anything related to the building and grounds. They can also be the first face a new person the Red Deer or CrossRoads meets when they are booking a wedding, funeral or community event.  You may not recognize these staff members as most are working hard during the week when most of us aren’t here, but if you see one of them you could tell them how thankful you are that they keep our church in good working order because they work hard to steward what God has given to us and they all do it with huge hearts.

The last few groups, communications, human resources and reception make up 195.5 hours together.  A lot of these staff are again behind the scenes on a daily basis.  Our Publications Designer and Communications Tech stretch their creative hearts on a daily basis in order to give us an up to date web page that is user friendly, keeps us current on social media with accounts on Twitter, FaceBook and WordPress blogs for everyone, families and missions, they create event pages with user friendly registrations so we can engage in activities, they create many different posters, web banners, postcard invitations and booklets that are used internally by ministries.  They also create a monthly newsletter called The Crossing which is an in-house publication created uniquely for everyone who walks through the doors. The Technical Director and team work during the week to make sure that everything we hear and see during a Sunday service is enjoyable.  This group leads a large group of servers that volunteer their time on Sunday to record and transmit the service so we can engage in worship by seeing the words, read along with scripture during the sermon, or livestream from just about anywhere.  Our receptionist embraces the role she has and takes it seriously. She knows that most of the people that contact her have never stepped into our church and possibly don’t know Jesus personally.   She is the first voice many people hear when they call in and answers hundreds of questions, directs traffic on the phone and email to the appropriate ministries, and has prayed for and with many many people.

When you connect through any of these avenues remember the people behind the scenes that created them and thank God that He has given us such gifted people.

The Human Resource group includes the Human Resource Director and the Accounts Manager.  They work together but have very different roles and responsibilities.  These two are definitely behind the scenes during the week but internally they are very involved with the day to day functioning of the organization.  This includes making sure we adhere to Canada Revenue laws, any paperwork and educating staff that go along with that, orienting new staff to CrossRoads, tracking finances of the different ministries and working with a budget committee and the Board.

A lot of these roles may not seem as important as the Ministry Leaders and we may overlook some of them from time to time because we don’t see them in action… but I hope you can get an idea of just how valuable each one of these staff members are and why such a large portion of the budget is used on them.  We are blessed to have a staff with such depth of gifting and hearts to serve where God has placed them.

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