Overcome: Opportunity

Hello! My name is Denise Snyder, and I am one of the pastors here at CrossRoads. For the past year, I’ve been on maternity leave taking care of my little guy, Theo. I am now back at work part-time, and one of the things I’m excited to be able to do again is some blogging for our CrossRoads blog.

One of the things I used to do last year was a bit of commentary each week after the Sunday sermon. I’m going to be picking that back up again, so if you’re wanting a bit more after the sermon each week, or if you’re in a sermon-based group and want some extra info, here’s the place to find it!

You can watch this week’s sermon right here.

So, I’ve been loving this sermon series in Revelation. I always kind of stayed away from Revelation because I find it confusing (along with everyone else). There are all kinds of things in this book of the Bible that can be hard to understand, which is probably why people have so many different theories about exactly what it means. Ultimately, though, I think the main thing we need to remember about the book of Revelation is that it is about Jesus! He reigns. No matter what. He is victorious and one day everyone will acknowledge it.


This week we looked at the church in Philadelphia in Revelation 3:7-13. Of all the letters we’ve been looking at addressed to different churches in the book of Revelation, this one to Philadelphia is the most positive. The people of Philadelphia have kept God’s word and not denied Him. As Pastor Dan pointed out, God has opened the door for evangelism in Philadelphia. They have the opportunity to share their faith and to continue to proclaim the name of Jesus.

Pastor Dan mentioned that here at CrossRoads, we like to pray for three people who don’t know Jesus. Those three people are the ones we regularly lift up, asking the Lord to reveal Himself to them so that they might come to know Jesus as their Savior. What struck me about this yesterday is that — whether it’s for the three people I’m praying for or for someone else — part of this prayer should include asking God to open my mouth to share the Gospel!

I know some people who love to evangelize. They talk about Jesus all the time and sharing the Gospel — our need for Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins — comes easy to them. But this is not true for everyone. Sometimes it feels awkward or pushy to talk about Jesus. But the Bible reminds us that it is God’s power that can help us share the truth. In Ephesians 6:19-20, Paul asks for prayer that God would give him the words to speak. It is the Holy Spirit that draws people to Himself, and He can give us boldness to share! This is a comfort to me, and also a challenge. I must be obedient to share the Good News about Jesus with others. And, if I truly believe it is life-changing and life-saving, I will want to share it!

Ultimately, as we looked at this passage, Pastor Dan pointed out three things: We can trust Jesus, our unshakeable foundation. We can walk through the doors that He opens for us to share the Gospel. And we can trust that He does and will reign over all the earth!

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