Overcome: Throne

This week’s sermon is available to watch right here.


This week, we took a look at Revelation 4, an amazing chapter where we get to enter into the throne room of God. Were you there during worship when it was read aloud? I got chills thinking about and praising our amazing God who is holy, holy, holy!

This vision John receives is amazing — this glimpse into heaven gives me goosebumps as I picture the majesty of our God who is worshiped endlessly in heaven.

I like how Pastor Dan pointed out that we all worship. We were created for worship — and all of us honour someone or something. We either worship God or something else — money, power, ourselves, sex, etc. And I know in my own life — although I say I worship the Lord — I often find myself spending more time focused on “worship” of things that have nothing to do with Him. How grateful I am for His great grace and mercy in my life!

In this beautiful throne room of God, there is a lot of activity taking place. And what is most notable is that the activity all centers around God. He is the one who receives all of the focus and praise. There are lots of images here that we may not fully understand. There are 24 elders — who do they represent? The apostles and the twelve tribes of Israel? Maybe. But what is most important is what they are doing — worshiping the Lord continuously. In his book, “Reading Revelation Responsibly,” Michael Gorman says about this passage:

The worship of God is the heartbeat of the cosmos, even when we humans on earth do not see it, participate in it, or value it. Only God is worthy to receive what others, especially powerful political figures, may want or demand: our total devotion, our praise, our crowns.

Only God is worthy. And so we must decide — will we worship the Lamb or will we worship the things of this world? Will we accept His way and understand our need for His salvation? Or will we go at it on our own. Pastor Dan pointed out that when we die, all of us will be in the hands of God. And it will be then that, according to what we’ve decided about Him, we will either spend eternity with Him worshiping and rejoicing, or we will spend eternity separated from him in hell. The Bible reminds us that all of us are separated from God from our sin. None of us is righteous enough to reconcile ourselves to Him on our own. But, thanks be to God, He loved us so much that He sent His Son into the world to die for our sins. He offers us salvation because of His great love and mercy. The offer is there. It is up to us to recognize our sin, to repent and accept His gift of salvation, and to start living our lives as His disciples. He offers His grace freely. Don’t push it away!

This week take some time to ponder Revelation 4. Read it in different translations and soak up the beauty of this chapter!

Holy, holy, holy

is the Lord God Almighty,

who was, and is, and is to come.

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