Good News Brings Great Joy

Pastor Shawn’s sermon on joy can be found right here.


This week we talked about joy and what it actually means. During the Christmas season, we often hear about being joyful, but what does that look like, exactly? Does it mean we’re always happy, always smiling, always jumping up and down with excitement? I hope not, because if so, I’m probably not a consistently joyful person.

But Pastor Shawn talked about joy as something that comes with great news. We read from Luke 2 when the shepherds heard from the angels that a Saviour had been born. This good news would ripple for the rest of eternity — it would change lives and bring the joy of eternal life!

I liked how Pastor Shawn pointed out that great news comes with a choice. We don’t have to be joyful about the news of Jesus. We can choose to reject it. Each of us has a choice to make when it comes to Jesus, who He is, and our need for Him. That choice has consequences of eternal life or eternal death, but we are free to make it. But for those of us who choose Him, the joy that we experience is not controlled by outside circumstances. It is made complete in knowing that He is in control, He is our salvation, and He is our hope.

So, as Pastor Shawn pointed out, we are now rooted in the one who brings joy, even when our situation isn’t joyful.

As we prepare for Christmas this season, I know we have a variety of different situations in our church body. Some are happy, some are in pain, some are suffering, and others are rejoicing. No matter the situation, if our salvation and rest is found in Jesus Christ, our response can be joyful. It is the hope we have in the great news of Jesus that brings us joy!

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