What Is the Christian Bible?

You can watch this week’s sermon right here.


This week we explored the story of the Bible — from beginning to end! We took some time to remember and talk through all that God has done — the way He has provided for our salvation, and the faithfulness He has to His promises.

There’s so much we didn’t get to cover in talking through God’s story, so I just want to recommend a few resources that you might find useful in exploring the Bible:

  • The Bible. Read it! It’s God’s amazing, true story. I am a big fan of Bibles that have taken out the added chapter/verse markings so that it reads more like the story it is. The Books of the Bible (NIV) is a Bible that reads without additions. The ESV Reader’s Bible is another resource, and Bibliotheca is a beautiful cloth-bound set of books that gives us the entire Bible that reads like a regular book.
  • Don’t forget to download our booklet that we created to go along with this series — more info and resources there!
  • Commentaries — although I love reading the big story of the Bible, I still do use my study Bibles and commentaries to help me understand more of what’s going on in the Scripture. I have found commentaries by Christopher J.H. Wright and John Goldingay to be really helpful. I also like reading Jewish Torah commentaries — although they do  not have a Christian perspective, it is sometimes helpful to know how the Jewish people have understood their own Scripture.
  • Resources that help us understand the culture of the Bible — so much of my deeper understanding of the Bible has come from understanding the culture of the Ancient Near East. The books, Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus and Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus, along with the That the World May Know DVD series are all wonderful, non-boring resources that take you on a fascinating journey through the culture of the Bible.
  • I recently discovered a beautiful children’s book that talks about the victory of Jesus, the Snake Crusher! big-soryThe artwork is amazing and, although I bought it for my son, I love reading it myself! Check out The Biggest Story!
  • Look for ways to get immersed in what God is doing in His continuing story! Come serve with us here at the church! Explore more about discipleship and fellowship through our groups. Consider attending events that will help you go deeper — I am hoping to host a Passover Seder right before Easter in April this year. We are also going to be doing a churchwide equipping event on May 27 — a chance to come learn about a variety of topics from our staff.

Ultimately, God’s story is a beautiful one, and we are so blessed that He has invited us to be a part of it. He has worked to solve the problem of sin and to bring us back to the garden where everything is as it is meant to be. This week, consider pondering these questions along with me:

  • What part of God’s story stands out to you the most?
  • What part of the Bible do you want to learn more about?
  • How does it change you when you think about being part of God’s ongoing story right now?

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