Listening to the God Who Speaks

The first sermon in our new sermon series is available here.

This week, Pastor Dan introduced us to a new sermon series he’s doing on listening to God. As Pastor Dan outlined, there are a number of reasons this series is useful to us — we were designed to hear God because He wants a personal relationship with us. There’s also many of us who have never learned to recognize God’s voice. We need to know that we don’t need to go through anyone else to hear from God — He is the best counselor out there and He’s magnificent in wisdom.

I appreciated the reminder that it is God’s nature to speak. From the very first words of the Bible and all throughout the rest of it, God speaks to people. He is a God who calls us by name and who instructs, warns, and comforts.

In John 10, Jesus says that the sheep hear the voice of the shepherd. If we are God’s people, we will hear and respond to His voice through obedience. So, the question then becomes — are we His sheep, His people? Have we made that decision to repent of our sins and recognize our need for a Saviour? If not, it’s time to decide! And if we have, then when we hear God’s voice, we need to obey it.

One of the things that stood out to me the most in this week’s sermon was the idea that if I want to hear from God, I have to create space and time to listen. I loved the idea of all of us journaling over the next few weeks to see how God speaks to us. Although I’m a writer, I’ve always struggled with journaling for some reason. A few weeks ago, I got a special book to journal in — mostly for prayer requests. I’ve still been sporadic with it, but I was challenged on Sunday to get back to it and to provide space to listen to God. I hope you join with us in taking time to intentionally listen to God these next few weeks and beyond!

  • What are some ways you’ve heard God’s voice?
  • Why do you think God wants to speak to us?
  • Are you committed to intentionally setting aside time to listen to God’s voice?


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